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When I first started my website development business 13 years ago, I didn’t have a single customer. At that time, there was no Facebook or Instagram where I could promote my website. That’s why while going through the main avenue of my town, I would go into the local businesses and ask whether they needed

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A letter to doubters: How can you help others without being rich

One day, I smacked my hand down onto a table, like an

How to save yourself from quicksand, or bad thoughts and anxiety swamp

Once, my friend got into deep sh!t, I mean, quicksand. As he

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How to catch wisdom by its tale: Which goals are worth achieving

You rarely meet wise people who managed to find fulfillment, joy. Those

THE CONFIDENCE MANIFESTO! 14 ways to improve your Self-Esteem.

1. Smile more often—with your eyes! Yes, you can smile not only

A story about a successful woman who tried to change the world

Once, an extraordinarily successful woman went on vacation. She chose a surprisingly

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