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30-day meat diet: Personally tested (Carnivore)



Have you heard what the meat diet is? This is a diet where you eat only meat (preferably beef) and drink water: THAT’S IT!!! When I wrote on Facebook that I was going to try this diet, I got a lot of angry comments. Some said that I would die, others that it would paralyze me. 

I share a few comments: 

“After all, human intestines are not made for eating meat. A dog’s—yes!”

Another comment:

“Alex, you have been lied to! Eating only meat can kill. In the Middle Ages, people were tortured and were given only meat to eat from morning to night, and they were expected to die. There must be at least vegetables + meat. And you will fill up your energy by rejecting communication with negative ones, and spirulina also helps me—you need a lot of vitamins after winter, and it will also help you lose weight :).”

I could show more angry comments, but the diet has already been tested. Oh yes, today is the last day of the carnivore diet! I’m still alive!

Oh yeah, I only ate meat for 30 days in a row and achieved all the goals for which I was doing it. But let’s start from the beginning!

Why I decided to try the carnivore diet

For a long time (about three years), I had gigantic energy problems. One of the past springs was particularly difficult. Already at ten in the morning, my power went off, so I slept for half a day. As you know, lack of energy affects mindset, so my days were not as productive as when I had energy.

Plus, my daughter was born, which is amazing, but she loved to throw parties at night, so I was even more tired in the mornings. All of these things forced me to make some serious decisions. 

I turned to specialists. But everyone said otherwise. The first tested my blood, said everything was fine, the second suggested getting in the sun and exercising more often (thinking I hadn’t tried), and the third suggested trying a diet. But 99% of the diets offered to me were complicated. In a high-quality diet, I would have to invest a lot of time that I didn’t have. After all, when I was on regular diets (such as Keto), I had to eat a variety of foods, but only those that were suggested. But I hated to look at a three-meter list that clearly marked what I could eat and what not. 

So, I needed another solution. I had to discover it because my success and earnings depended on it. You see, my life wasn’t covered with roses. I didn’t have wealthy parents pouring money from heaven, so I couldn’t wait for my body to solve the problems on its own.  

I spent more time learning about fatigue. 

When I went to the bookstore, I found a thick book, “Titan Tools.” 

It was about a meat diet.

The essence of the diet: To eat only “Meat” for a whole month (30 days). 

“Why not? Maybe I should try it?” I thought, but didnėt take advantage of this idea. I probably forgot about it, but YouTube star Jordan Peterson, a professor of psychology, reminded me of it. In one of his videos, he recommended a meat diet (or beef diet) for those who do mental work. 

Since Jordan Peterson is my inspiration, I decided to take his offer seriously. I turned on Google. I learned a few things:

  1. Intellectuals and businessmen love this “Meat Diet.” 
  2. Mikhaila Peterson, Peterson’s daughter, also uses this diet. 
  3. Although there are many articles on the internet about this extreme diet, there are practically no bad reviews in the comments.  
  4. Apparently, it’s an excellent solution for weight loss. I gained about 10 kg back then. (As a result of this diet, I lost 9.5 kg)
  5. Joe Rogan in one of his videos says, “Try it. Just try a carnivore diet. Try it straight out, and I think you’ll be amazed how good you feel.” But let’s keep it accurate; he also speaks about side effects that experienced during this diet. Anyway, in the end, he would still suggest trying it.

So I told myself, “Alex, that’s it, enough consideration!” 

I decided to eat meat in the morning, lunch, and dinner.

Why did a meat diet attract me?

The extreme carnivore diet is more handsome to me because it’s simpler than the others. The rules are as follows: Don’t eat anything that is not meat, and eat when and as much as you want. 

BEGINNING THE DIET (30-day meat diet)

For the first week, I ate cauliflower with meat to keep my body from going into shock. It was very interesting how it would end because none of my friends tried. Besides, many people tried to convince me otherwise. But this is not new. People will try to dissuade you from any possible changes. 

In the second week, I stopped eating vegetables—I ate only meat with salt; I drank a lot of water. It was still hard. I wanted chocolate or ice cream; I liked eating ice cream in winter. Do you understand what this means? In other words, I wanted to quit this diet.

I would have quit, but I felt a surge of energy on the third week. It provided motivation to continue the diet. 

I succeeded!!!


I’m extreme, so I have tried this diet twice. However, I could only recommend it to those who have a responsible look at their health. Oh yes, it’s important to me that readers don’t overdo it. In other words, I want those who wish to follow my path to delve into information about this diet and consult professionals.

One of the professionals advised me to start a regular keto diet for a month, eat high-quality meat with vegetables (no hamburgers, chocolates, etc.) to feel if my well-being improves, and then after a longer break, try a vegetable-free diet only with meat.

Although the advice was good, I didn’t listen to it—I took an extreme test without any preparation. However, I suggest starting slowly. You need to understand, the responsibility for what you do rests solely with you. When I decided to start this diet, I took responsibility right away. 

By the way, this article is dedicated to people who are not afraid to talk about what they have experienced themselves. Often, people are afraid they will be laughed at. I, too, may not have written this article because you can now make a fool of me, which offers to kill oneself, but I’ve tried this diet, and I’m still alive. Additionally, this diet has given me energy, so I need to share this information with people! 

What’s more, when I wrote this article, I received a lot of questions. 

Questions answers

1. What kind of meat SHOULD I eat during a meat diet? 

Jordan Peterson eats only beef during his diet. Others eat pork, lamb, chicken, fish, salmon. I chose only beef. True, in the beginning, I had eaten salmon several times. Salmon can’t do any harm. 

2. Meat cooking method?

Add as few additives as possible. Don’t fry it in oil. Preferably is to stew, boil, etc. 

3. Meat quality and where to buy it?

It’s best to buy meat at a bazaar. You probably know where to find high-quality meat, right? But don’t eat cheap sausages and pressed sawdust. You don’t know what the big stores put in the meat!

4. What if you have a job where it’s not possible to follow a diet?

You know how it happens… Diet and office… Eh…

There were days when I left for work, forgetting to take my meat with me. Once I stayed at work for an extremely long time, so I had to stop by McDonald’s. I tossed out the bun and only ate beef. I doubt there was real beef, but that was the only way out. When it happened again, I ran into the restaurant and ordered a shashlik. Unfortunately, restaurants rarely serve only meat, so you have to throw away the salads and the side dishes they bring together. Meat made in restaurants is not good. The meat is usually cooked in a variety of sauces that really complicate digestion and spoil the meat itself.


5. Does a meat diet cost a lot?

Quality meat costs. However, after calculating my monthly expenses, I realized that I had spent no more money than in the previous months. You see, when you don’t follow a diet and eat what you eat, you spend more money on treats, ice cream, and other trash. 

6. How much to eat and when? 

I love this diet because you can eat whenever you want and as much as you want! Sometimes I ate at 9 am, sometimes at 7 am. Sometimes I ate three times a day and sometimes five. I also liked the fact that beef is exceptionally saturated, and you feel full when you eat it. When I tried other diets, I constantly wanted to eat what was distracting.  

7. What to drink? 

Water with salt. 

But, some people like Amber O’Hearn have said you can drink coffee or tea. However, it’s important not to add sugar or sweeteners to these drinks. I drank nothing but water. 

8. Did anything hurt or worsened during the diet?

Yes. On the fifth day of the diet, I had a headache. On the 10th day, I had a slight stomach ache, but when I ate, it was gone. All the other days, I felt amazing. Some advice:

9. Is it possible to eat only this diet for a long time?

Strange, but some people eat only meat. For example: Kelly Hogan. There is such Joe Andersen, who has been following a meat diet since 1998. Many people post on social forums about the carbohydrate diet that they have only eaten meat for decades. I wouldn’t say I like the long-term idea of ​​meat, so I’m not supporting these people.


Thank you for reading and reacting with common sense, not emotions. I hope my desire to have more energy (so I can write more books) didn’t scare vegetarians, vegans? If you try this diet, I suggest doing it only after trying all the standard methods promoted by professionals, okay? 

By the way, I will definitely repeat the meat diet this year and maybe even write more about it.

Once again, I emphasize that the diet should be followed only for 30 days!!! (I highlighted the text because many people who wrote me letters in the mail said that I wanted to eat only meat for my entire life… You know, many readers like to criticize without reading an article first.)

Let’s descuss!

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