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4 reasons why you fail to make money on your own business


Whether you started your business yesterday or two years ago, this article is for you! Oh yes, you’re about to discover why you fail to make money from your business!  

4 reasons why you fail to make money on your own business

1. You don’t spend time on sales. 

“Haha! You are wrong, Alex! I’m spending my time but fail anyway,” a pseudo-entrepreneur who devotes less than 50% of his time to sales every day will complain. However, I strongly believe that more than 50% of the time should be devoted to sales because we are talking about business, right?

Or not about business? 

Have you noticed that some people approach business too artistically?

For example, look at Darius. He created an e-shop and could start trading, but he is still polishing the texts. HE’S PREPARING HIMSELF… Preparing, preparing, preparing… It seems that Darius cares more about creating perfect texts and his e-shop. There are many people in the US who are more excited about work than big profits.

Darius will widen his eyes and ask, “But Alex, how do I start advertising when the e-shop isn’t perfect??? After all, not all products have been placed yet!!!”

Answer: Which is more important, perfection or sales? 

But wait, what does “making sales” mean? Making sales means sending offers to customers and receiving orders. I repeat, making sales doesn’t mean “developing a website for 3 months” or “looking for employees” or…  

I.e., if you didn’t receive an order for products or services today, it means that you are just preparing for business. 

I don’t know how much time to devote to business. But let’s try to calculate. Let’s imagine you work 8 hours a day. Then you should spend at least 4 hours on sales. Although… better 6. These 6 hours would consist of creating ads, working with social networks, and SEO optimization of the website. At least an hour a day should be devoted to contacting those who have not yet paid for the products or old customers who, for some reason, stopped paying. Because if you don’t make time for it DAILY, then you will lose old customers. And keeping old customers is cheaper than getting new ones. However, if you spend more time polishing services and products than sales, you will NEVER BECOME A SERIOUS ENTREPRENEUR. Amen. 

I know not everyone likes to sell, but we are talking about business and not art, right?

And if you HATE sales (how I used to hate it), then find employees—salespeople. Because business can only succeed if:

a) you do sells yourself and devote more than 50% of your working hours to sales,
b) you find better sellers than yourself,
c) you automate sales processes to free up working hours.

“Alex, I understand you, but if I only sell, who will serve the customers? And who will create new products?” you will ask. That’s a good question, but you need to understand what grows businesses. Businesses grow through sales departments and actions where you do everything you can to ensure that your e-shop (or other business tool) provides and serves your customers with the most solid and relevant offers (and it would be nice if these processes were automated).

I understand, the above processes are extremely boring; however, if you want to earn more, you should give up everything that prevents you from earning more money.

Drop the excuses, the perfectionism, the beliefs, and start selling, man!

2. You don’t have a hobby or interest that would be directly related to money.

I once asked my good friend, “What is your hobby?”

He replied, “My hobby is to make money.”

Because this man’s hobby was money, he earned significantly more than the average citizen who believed what was written in the magazines as “Happy Graduation.”

Happy Graduation magazine

Understand me correctly, I’m not talking about those freaks who LOVE money for money’s sake—I’m talking about cool people whose hobby is to delve into the processes during which money starts growing so fast that you don’t have time to spend it. I’m talking about people like Warren Buffett. Damn it, only those who like to play chess will understand me.

In other words, if your hobby is playing guitar, it will be harder for you to earn money, but if YOU learn to play numbers (investing in the right securities) in the evenings, you will earn more in the future.

“Are you saying that people should give up music lessons?” readers will frown. No!!! I’m just saying that it’s better to have at least two jobs/hobbies instead of one: a) making money, b) playing a guitar.

I’m glad you understood what I was trying to say, dear reader. But there are very few people like you. Don’t you believe? Ask the people around you what their hobby is.

The first one will say that he likes to travel, so he is thinking about a travel agency. The second will boast that he likes fishing, so he dreams of a shop. The third will admit that he likes a guitar, but doesn’t know how he will make money. I suggest you take a broader look!

3. You are not patient.

There are people who expect to be successful in 3 weeks after building a website or business, and when they fail, they start whining. But in reality, everything takes time. An oak does not grow in a month. It needs to be nurtured for years. And this is wonderful because if everything was simple, and if it was possible to surpass any company immediately after starting a company, then any newbie could beat you in just a month. In other words, the longer your roots dig their way underground, the harder it will be for competitors to topple you, which is awesome!

4. You forget about your health—you think that business does NOT depend on how you feel.

Why is health IMPORTANT? 

a) Remember when you came to the office to work, but you didn’t want to because you felt extremely tired? 

Where is your answer? 

Oh yes, the healthier you are, the more energy you have to convert into results.

b) When your body feels good, you interact with everyone more pleasantly. However, if you’re tired, your voice will sound tired, so customers will run away from you as if you were an armed robber.

So, don’t be an angry businessman! Exercise every day for at least 15 minutes! Eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Trust me, if you use my advice, you will feel better after a week! If you live like this for 3 months, you will change your life and feel a rush of sales! 

Imagine how good it would feel to feel the way you did when you were young. What if you had the energy you had in kindergarten and school? You may have as much energy as you had as children, but you should change your lifestyle. Remember: long live an active lifestyle!

Let’s descuss!

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