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8 reasons why Peterson is wrong


I liked and admired Jordan Peterson. I used to like the thousands of videos we saw on the internet, but gradually he revealed his true self, causing several charismatic issues to surface.

8 reasons why Peterson is wrong

I will list them and then lay my head on the guillotine.

Why Peterson is wrong

1. He answers questions for five minutes!

Poor Joe Rogan… During his podcast with Peterson, he started puffing out cigarette smoke because Peterson’s answers were long and boring!

Joe Rogan smoking because Jordan Peterson answers to questions more than five minutes

While Peterson is answering, you can take a shower.

Peterson may enter the Guinness Book of World Records for not being able to answer questions in six minutes.

And yet there are people who will tell you the theory of Einstein in a minute:

In five minutes, you can confess your love, meet and agree on a wedding date!

In so much time, you can tell about your whole life and learn about the interlocutor’s dreams and have a good time!

When I look at his face, I miss curiosity. It seems like people and their opinions are not interesting to him. He doesn’t take the time to delve into the person he is speaking to. He could at least pretend that he cares about how Joe Rogan lives. He could ask, “How did you spend your morning?” Rogan would say something interesting. And it would be more interesting than… But the whole world revolves around Peterson… King in the castle.


Wait!!! It seems I know where the giraffe is hiding! He’s trying to look smart!!! Have you heard what Dalai Lama did? When asked about the meaning of life, he replied, “I don’t know.” Respect to Dalai Lama and minus to Peterson! Thank you! You’re welcome!

Peterson, why do you have to prove something? You already have a degree, right?

Who is Jordan Peterson

Or maybe you don’t believe it yourself? And the saddest thing is that you forgot the rule you created yourself, “be precise.”

Oh yes, Peterson, in your bestseller, you claim that “it’s important to be precise.” Although this proposal is good, you don’t practice it yourself! In answering questions, you jump from one abstraction to another like a deer. What’s the point of that? Maybe you want to prove that you’ve read more books than us? Or are you a narcissist?

🏆 Peterson, four years ago, you were different. I love how you participated in a debate with Michael Dyson. And I dream when the old version of you will return.

2. Peterson plays the victim. Constantly.

He doesn’t just play the victim. Peterson teaches youth to complain. In his video messages, he constantly complains that someone doesn’t like his opinion.

In their last conversation with Rogan, he complained about receiving more than 20 cases… However, after mentioning the word “case,” he clarified that those are not precisely cases. It turns out that he was referring to complaints. Mhmmm… And then it turned out that they’re not even complaints but anonymous comments that I receive daily on my pages. But I don’t complain about them, while Peterson cries. He has a tendency to exaggerate.

Do you remember how did Peterson rise? He stated that if he doesn’t use verbs that are “made up by radical left-wing ideologues,” he will lose his job and even end up in jail. He declared, “If they fine me, I won’t pay it. If they put me in jail, I’ll go on a hunger strike. I’m not doing this.” Although it’s amazing when someone appears to fight against ideas they don’t believe in… But NO ONE officially threatened him, as he claims. The police didn’t call him in. 

In other words, Peterson is making a mountain out of a molehill. He reminds me of myself when I went home and complained to my dad that my classmates threatened me… I said they promised to beat me up. My dad came to the school to talk to the boys, who just laughed at me. After that incident, I tried not to raise problems where there weren’t any.

However, I now see that complaining is an excellent tool for gaining popularity. Maybe I should complain about someone trying to silence me for my opinion? I would end up on CNN! OH YES, to become a champion of freedom of speech, conflict is necessary! But the truth is, you have to start the conflict, just like Peterson did.

Why do I think Peterson played a role? Because no one fired him. And even if you argue that Bill C-16 was absurd, it was still the opinion of others that should be respected if you are a fighter for freedom of speech.

Plus, it’s sad to see that Peterson was unable to extend a helping hand to his enemies like Gandhi and other heroes. If Peterson had more courage, he would respect the minority, but for now, he only represents one side of the barricade, which is more comfortable, where he can find supporters of Putin who also enjoy playing the victim.  

That’s not all. 

It amazes me how often he complained about the opinion of the university… Although it was that university that nurtured and raised him, “I grew up, now fuck you!”

What does Peterson teach us? He teaches us to disrespect the organizations and the people who recruited us and prepared us for our careers. Because every person who joins the organization must follow the rules taught by it. And if you don’t like it, you can leave it. But no… it’s better to stay and protest and take advantage of the name of the university… Because, you see, he claims he worked there. If you are ashamed of the university, why are you proud to work there? 

Peterson resembles an ungrateful cunt. He is a rebel, like I was in school when I didn’t want to do what I was told. What does Peterson teach young people? 1) Don’t listen to your parents and organizations. 2) Listen to other individuals (dictatorship), which means to him.

From now on, the world’s rules are not set by organizations but by individual people who are followed on social pages. For them to believe in you as God, it’s enough to have followers and work for a university whose rules you spit on.

Smells like North Korea. What is the difference between Jordan Peterson and a dictator? Only that he hasn’t applied for candidacy yet. After becoming president, he would state, “It’s dangerous. They are so dangerous. I’m speaking about postmodernists.” 

3. He became a fierce fighter for Earth pollution.

Jordan Peterson about climate change

But Earth pollution is a shitty topic. Not interesting, right? However, I don’t belong to Greenpeace or any other organization. I don’t put likes on Greta Thunberg’s posts, but I will not be silent when I see all this absurdity going on. Because no one is talking about the growing Earth pollution movement led by its leader Jordan Peterson. His constant comments are bizarre because he claims that science knows nothing and there’s nothing we can do about global warming and other climate change issues. Such arguments imply that humanity is not really polluting the planet…

Have you seen Che Guevara on the walls? Now they put Jordan on the walls because you have to fight for the Earth’s pollution!

Oh yes, Jordan Peterson is convenient for Earth’s polluters, factories. His speeches are promoted on business pages, and this increases his income.

His claim that we know nothing supports idiots who believe that: 

a. The Red Book of animals is a myth. But according to a recent report, since 1970, up to 2.5% of mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, and amphibians have already gone extinct.
b. Making nuclear missiles is okay because they haven’t been “proven” to cause problems.
c. Polluting rivers and oceans is a good thing because it has not been proven that it’s harmful. Everything’s OKAY. But why do polluters never receive medals? Maybe they should?

“But Alex, you don’t know anything about climate change? Jordan Peterson is clever than you.” you might say, but you don’t need to be a genius to understand that if you cut down trees without planting new ones, people will certainly die, and it could make huge changes. Or you don’t have to be a moron to understand what would happen if an ATOMIC WAR broke out. There are still fools who claim that Putin cannot affect the Earth’s climate??? Do you say it’s not worth fighting to get all the world’s militaries to stop making nuclear rockets? Are you saying we wouldn’t live more safely?  


My mind is on fire when I listen to Jordan Peterson talks about how humanity is powerless and knows nothing, yet he wants to prove that he knows more. He states that it’s 100% true that humanity doesn’t understand anything, but he understands everything because he is a genius.

I don’t say that Peterson is stupid. Once he said, “The collapse of our values is a greater threat than climate change.” Here he is 100% right. The values of Jordan Peterson are the best treat. 

But wait, there are still some bones in the closet!

A few days ago, Jordan Peterson told that it’s DANGEROUS to listen to people who believe they can influence climate change for the better… What do you suggest, Jordan? Imprison activists who care about the planet? Understand, even if the climate is uncontrollable, let us be a nation that cares for the Earth, not vomit on it like you, Peterson.

4. The problem with a clean room is that Peterson doesn’t speak about homeless people.

In his book “12 Rules for Life,” he wrote that you should clean your room. This is wonderful advice, but it has little to do with reality. Because there are only 2.26 billion households in the world. According to UN sources, there are up to 150 million street children in the world today, and have you been in California where people don’t have even a…

Do you know how many homeless people are in India? So by not cleaning the house, they basically don’t have this problem, but it doesn’t solve anything… What about the prisoners? They don’t have things. They are behind bars, and that’s it. Are you saying that tidying up your room will somehow solve psychological problems? It smells like magic and shamanism… Ugh…

On the other hand, if I have a lot of money, why do I need to clean my room? Don’t you really think that Jordan cleans everything up when he leaves a hotel? I kind of doubt it. It’s a fact that you need to clean your head. But for some reason, he offers to clean the room.

… Wait… I got it… His books are written for intellectuals… But intellectuals already know everything they need?

5. Jordan Peterson plays a free-speech warrior, but he constantly criticizes people and organizations that express their opinion.

Ironically, my opinion about Peterson will be criticized by Jordan Peterson fans who carry the banner: “FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS ESSENTIAL.”

Mhmmm… What exactly are justice warriors…

After all, I’m not going to put Jordan in jail. And I think Jordan and his fans have a right to speak. But I’m a real fighter for free speech, and they are not. 

How to become a real fighter for freedom? How not to be a pretender?


In my opinion, to become a fighter for freedom, you should: 

a) Be able to accept another person’s opinion.
b) After expressing your opinion about the negatives of the person you blame, you should present the positives to him so that he understands that there are also good things.

I will give you an example; although I know 101 minuses of Jordan, I can name 102 pluses. Because I see more good in people than evil. Because I’m much more humble than Jordan. I respect him more than myself, and I respect you, my reader, more than myself because I haven’t lived your life, and I can only imagine the pain you’ve been through, so I don’t understand why you believe this or that thing. However, I believe that you are fighting for your truth, for which you are worthy of respect. But that doesn’t mean I have to keep quiet. And it also doesn’t mean I have to be an ass who can’t see your advantages.

Oh yes, I can see your pluses. 

For example, Peterson knows how to speak in front of an audience with a calm voice, even when he is being yelled at. It’s hard, but I’m learning from him. Thanks, Peterson! He also behaves well in his family. It’s amazing how much he respects his daughter. (Although he despises other women, even if they are young. I’m talking about Greta Thunberg.) And he’s also a great businessman. He has said 1002 wonderful things about self-development and psychology, and his comments on these topics are adequate. Also, he has excellent taste in food and clothes. He he he he… But what good would Peterson say about me? Would he have the strength to switch filters… Maybe. I believe he could because I don’t write people off.

6. Peterson is a pessimist. 

“Global warming is too complicated…” Peterson thinks… Yes, it’s complicated, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up!!!!

“Alex, YOU’RE A FOOL, Jodan is not a pessimist!” critics will say. But then, why does Jordan write off scientists, other specialists, and talented people? After all, his video messages state that a person with a poor ID cannot serve society in any way… Eh… He also claims that equality between people is impossible. Yes, complete equality is impossible, but certain nuances can be improved. All you need is desire and faith, and hope. Oh yes, it’s important not to lower our hands! However, to be at least 1 percent better than it is, it would require moving your ass instead of sitting on the couch like Peterson, whining, “We can’t do anything about climate change.” Not true. We can. No matter how little, but we can. It’s strange that Peterson, being a psychologist, is trying to kill people’s hope. He doesn’t say, “Try it, I’ll help if I see that your arguments are good.” He just shrugs…

Meanwhile, a professional psychologist will say, “If a person has no hope, he is finished. Therefore, my main task is to give hope.” But Peterson forgot what his job is… He forgot how important it’s to believe in something good…

7. He writes off postmodernists, even though they are inevitable. 

Peterson explains that, I quote: “Postmodernism is essentially the claim that (1) since there are an innumerable number of ways in which the world can be interpreted and perceived (and those are tightly associated), then (2) no canonical manner of interpretation can be reliably derived.

That’s the fundamental claim. An immediate secondary claim (and this is where the Marxism emerges) is something like ‘since no canonical manner of interpretation can be reliably derived, all interpretation variants are best interpreted as the struggle for different forms of power.’

There is no excuse whatsoever for the secondary claim (except that it allows the resentful pathology of Marxism to proceed in a new guise).”

And although one wants to believe Peterson’s words and his proposed constructions, the question arises, who decides which interpretations are the most correct? Well, the answer is simple, ask Peterson, and he will tell you what constructions to follow because only he knows what is true. Hitler also wanted everything to be his way. Hitler believed that his structures and values ​​were unquestionable, and you know what that led to. Because he didn’t allow people to think otherwise, just like Peterson doesn’t. I understand that the comparison with Hitler is very far-fetched, but Peterson infuses his constructions with a similar dictatorial principle. Well, Peterson offers more than one interpretation, but don’t you think future generations will not provide more correct formulas, truths, and constructions? Aren’t future civilizations going to have to follow only Peterson’s modernist lines that were proven in the 20th century? Isn’t that nonsense?

And while Peterson has good ideas, I have more faith in the psychiatrist who said, “The science of humanity cannot exist because it was created by humans.” 

Is it possible to solve all this chaos? It’s impossible to solve everything, but some problems can be solved. That would require starting to respect each other (which Peterson still needs to learn). Because humanity should find harmony, not divide society. This means that you can follow various constructions, but you must always remind yourself that there may be additional, better constructions. Therefore, you need someone to constantly remind you of this.

I know that Peterson will not like my arguments and will not invite me for an interview. Because he knows everything better than me. He writes people off because they are not at his level. And he certainly won’t say to the screen, “You know, future psychiatrists and psychologists who will be working 3000 years from now will shrug their shoulders while watching my video. They will say, ‘There was such Peterson, like everyone else, he thought he knew everything. However, he was limited in his thinking and didn’t know that his arguments were only one of the stepping stones to the search for truth.’”

Some guys on the internet say that he is wrong all the time when he talks about warming and things that have nothing to do with psychology, but I don’t think he’s wrong everywhere and all the time. Ken Wilber’s phrase is perfect here: “Nobody is capable of producing 100% error—nobody is smart enough to be wrong all the time.” Meow.


“Hey Alex, you bashed Peterson, but he’s smart! He is not wrong!!!” someone will complain. Yes, he’s great when it comes to psychology and psychiatry, but not climate. I don’t know about climate change either, but you may hit my head because I believe that driving cars is destroying the planet. Not just for fuel. And I think Tesla pollutes the environment, and I’m not even talking about Musk’s rockets. But none of this is proven as Jordan talks… So come on, let’s kill the planet because PETERSON ALLOWED IT! Congratulations! “We started following Decadence promoters wearing colorful jackets that say, ‘I’m not hiding that I’m a capitalist!’” Peterson laughs. This is not sarcasm. This is true.

Don’t beat me up; I’m not the only one telling you why Jordan Peterson is wrong! Several videos:

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