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9 Books About Your Life that Will Make Your Life Better


Today I will mention 9 books That Will Make Your Life Better. After reading the books I suggest, your thoughts will crystallize, you will be able to deal with problems in business, communication.

9 books self-development

9 books self-development

The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable,” Nassim Nicholas Taleb, 2007

The Black Swan

The author of “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable” himself had many problems in his life. He could have chosen to dwell on them, but he decided to benefit from failures. He managed to earn from them, get back on his feet, and become a successful writer and thinker! You can do it too after reading this relevant book. 

The book can be divided into two parts. In the first chapter, you will learn about the psychological aspects of life events that have a big impact on the world, while the second and the third chapter discuss scientific and business topics. The following chapters explain the meaning of this phenomenon in more detail and how the term “black swan” defines an unexpected, significant event that cannot be prepared for and that either has catastrophic or, conversely, wonderful consequences. 

The black swan phenomenon is like a “game” with simple rules: prepare for the worst-case scenario in a time when things are going smoothly. But it’s important to face reality: unexpected events are indeed unexpected, so we should adapt to the fact that they exist. 

So what are Taleb’s “black swans?” These are events with three characteristics:

1. They are unpredictable—ex ante.
2. They are predictable—ex post.
3. Exert a great influence on reality.

Of course, this book is a difficult read. It means you will need some time to grasp its message; however, read it twice, and it will blow your mind. This book is a worthwhile read because it can increase your awareness of various aspects of life. I don’t even need to present financial forecasting diagrams here, as we can see what is happening in the modern world. For example, what is the situation of many companies and countries that were not prepared for COVID-19.

In real life, there are many examples of black swans. The movie “The Big Short” should be mentioned here, as it undoubtedly reflects the theory of the “black swan.” Read Taleb’s “The Black Swan” and then watch the film; you will see how these works complement each other beautifully.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior,” Dan Millman, 1980

Way of the Peaceful Warrior

This book can help you understand what the real purpose of life is. If you don’t have time for a book, you can watch the movie version, Peaceful Warrior, instead. Just one thing; I beg you, pay attention to the part where the mentor takes his student on a journey. They reach a mountain, and the student picks up a stone. And… So, what is an essential thing in life is…? 

The 4-Hour Work Week,” Timothy Ferriss, 2007

The 4-Hour Work Week

In the beginning, I didn’t like this book. It seemed for me like it had been written with an ax. However, this book is hugely beneficial. An example of a business model is provided within its pages: how an internet business can generate a vast income investing only 4 hours per week. I can assure you: this tedious book works! If you want to do more work in a short period—this book is crafted for you.

This book helps one achieve results, not after reincarnation (which I don’t believe in), but in a few years! Read it, and you will find the answers on how to find more time for your hobby, traveling, and business. It can help you get rid of useless stress and worries at work. I’m optimistic that this book will help you grab productivity by its tail!

“Rework,” Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson, 2011

Rework book

“Rework” consists of sentences that will hack your programming system (mindset) that you have in your head. You see, dear friend, you have a lot of programs in your head. One program stops you from happiness. Others rule your life. Or maybe I’m wrong? Look around: can happiness be found in your garage? Okay, this question sounded strange, but I allow myself to speak freely. I let myself share jokes because I’m out of the system. And what about you?

Do you allow yourself to say and create what you want? If your answer is not, you should read this book because it can help you get unstuck. It helps with ideas. Oh yes, this book is about crazy ideas that work. It’s about projects, business, money. Throw away old beliefs about how money is made—they are all full of crap. If you genuinely care about your family and your well-being, you should believe in what’s written in this beautiful book.

War and Peace,” Leo Tolstoy, 1869

War and Peace

This prodigy consists of four books and fifteen parts, which means you can’t read it in a day or two. These books require time. I remember how, after reading them all a few times, I had adopted every character. The most exciting part was to track the characters’ transformations, each of whom was influenced by various losses and jealousy. As “War and Peace” asked me how I would behave if I turned out to be in a similar situation as the characters in the book.

Oh yes, take this book in your hands and… feel this novel… Answer yourself how you would behave in the place of characters in the book; this will help you experience many situations and gain more wisdom. I call it working with one’s mindset and values, so… 

Or maybe you don’t need to work on your mind? Answer then; have you gathered enough experiences, and are they sufficient for you? Are you wise? What are you going to do when your partner or significant other betrays you? Will you act like Levin or Vronski from the novel “Anna Karenina,” or will you act like her husband? 

This excellent book proves one crucial thing: books about self-development are not the only ones that can change your life! So, if you’re watching for a new book, don’t only focus on the shelves where they’re classified according to a specific genre—dive in further. You can find the right book in places where you least expect it, like in this list of my kick-ass personal favorites that helped me at some point in my life. 

“The Little Prince,” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 1943 

The Little Prince

I love this little book. It feet for kids and adults. I read it as a fairy tale in my childhood. Later, I read it again and again, an infinite amount of times. This book can be absorbed in an hour. However, it takes a whole life to understand it. Or maybe you think you already grasped this masterpiece? HELL NO! Try again; you will discover an entirely new world!

“Atlas Shrugged,” Ayn Rand, 1957

Atlas Shrugged

I became a hostage while reading the first pages. In the second part, an enormous dragon dashed out of the book, swallowed me up, and hasn’t regurgitated me until now. I relate to this book every day of my life; it touches the center of my existence. The concepts of life purpose, courage, dedication, and freedom are clearly and accurately defined within its golden pages. 

“Atlas Shrugged” is genuinely an incredible 1168-page masterpiece written by a most charming and amazing woman, Ayn Rand. 

The Fountainhead,” Ayn Rand, 1943 

“The Fountainhead,” Ayn Rand

If someone asked me how a gentleman should behave and look like, I would say he would be best exemplified by Howard Roark, the hero of this fantastic book. It’s a novel about the conflict between a non-indulgent architect who is loyal to his ideas. I haven’t seen a more respectful man nor a more peaceful soul. He is devoted to his ideals without reservations! This man is like you—he was fighting against the world alone. Nobody believed him, until…

I was drawn by the love between Howard and Dominique as well. In this 1943 novel, the author talked about the kind of love that I approve of. I’ll present it like this: only true love can exist when you ask for nothing in return. It’s absurd to think that a person can belong to you like an item. 

“Moral of the 21st Century,” Dario Salas Sommer, 1995

Moral of the 21st Century

Everyone interested in post-postmodern ethics must read this one. 


Choose at least one book from these nine masterpieces. Read it until the very end. Feel it with your entire soul. Highlight the essential lines and program them into your mindset. Breathe in the morale of others and let it circulate in your veins. You will adopt their wisdom + you will learn how to focus, how to…; this is the whole secret: When you know what you want and how to achieve it—you will become the champion of life.

I have repeated it many times, and I will do it again: Happiness always comes back to those whose eyes are shining!


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