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A Shop of Dreams: Inspiring story


In the deepest recesses of the Universe there was one shop. There hasn’t been any signboard on it for a long time. Once it was torn off by a cosmic storm. And the new owner wasn’t planning to place a new one because everybody knew that this store sold wishes.

The store was huge. It was possible to buy almost anything: a big yacht, a flat, marriage, children, a favourite job, larger breasts, a luxury car, a football club, power, success, a ring with diamonds, and much more. The only two things that customers couldn’t buy were life and death.

Every visitor (also, there were some who had never visited the store and continued watching TV series at home) could become familiar with different prices of items. For example, A Favourite Job had a cost of stability, unpredictability, faith in one’s own power, as well as decision to do what you love instead of working where you have to. The Power had a little higher price: it was necessary to give up some of your own beliefs and to know your value. The latter had to be high enough for you to say I and take the first step.

Some of the prices were very strange. Marriage cost cents, but A Happy Life was expensive. Happy Life was worth personal responsibility, an ability to enjoy life, perception of own desires, an ability to appreciate what you have, your own permission to be happy, and the understanding of self-worth.

Not every shop visitor was ready to buy a wish. Some used to turn around and leave as they saw prices. Others used to stand for a long time and scratch their heads while calculating their options and considering ways to get more finances. Someone even wrote a complaint about high prices and asked the owner for a discount or a date of the sale. There were people even trying to steal from the shop. But after getting what they want (happiness, intelligence, virtues), they would start feeling guilty without even leaving the store. They would realize what they had done and would return the goods back.

Some used to take their savings out of their pockets to buy wishes, and then wrap them into a beautiful loudly rustling paper. These people were being observed by other shop visitors. They were whispering among themselves that he owner probably knew these customers; therefore, these lucky ones could buy wishes for free. When the shop owner was asked whether he was afraid to go bankrupt one day, he shook his head and said: “At all times, there will be the brave ones, those willing to take risks and change their lives, willing to give up their familiar and predictable lives, those, able to believe in themselves, and have faith in their wishes in order to pay for their fulfilment.”

And when was the last time you visited A Shop of Wishes? Do you know the price of your wishes? What are you ready to give up for them? Are you ready for your wishes to come true? Or maybe you have been working so hard that you forgot what you want? Who reminds you the fact that you have to follow your desires? From now on, I will do it. I will remind you that, and I will give you advice on what to do in order to fulfil your wishes faster. You just have to follow our posts on our social network Axmonaco

P.S. If your wish hasn’t come true yet, you still have not paid for it.

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