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Hey. I am Alex Monaco. Author, organic marketing expert, and owner of “Big Fountain Agency.” Some people call me a happy bastard because I am extremely successful, even though I came from the bottom. Look at the guy on the left:

Alex Monaco changes

Yes, that was me. In 2001, I worked in Torquay (England). My wage was £3 an hour. The apartment I rented and the food were expensive, so I couldn’t save a penny.

“Alex, you need extra work,” I decided. (I had the mindset of an employee.)

I got a job as a housekeeper. My duties were: 1) Clean toilets. 2) Collect spermed linens. 3) Put linens into green bags. 4) Carry bags to the laundry room. In those days, bags were dragged on the back. It was difficult, so I pulled my back. I couldn’t work, so I got fired… I barely survived by borrowing money… After recovering, I tried to find a job again. Welcome back to the rat race! When I got a job at the “TLH Victoria Hotel,” I managed to save more. Because they allowed me to eat in their restaurant. After two years, I saved over £3,000. I know, it’s not much. But with it, I was able to register a company, buy computers and rent an office.

The establishment of the first business  

The first year in business was shitty. I didn’t know where to find clients. Fear and helplessness overwhelmed me. I went to the city center and visited all the shops. I just walked around and asked, “Do you need a website? I can create one and promote your services on Google!”

They laughed at me. And they were right to do so. Because I didn’t know how to promote myself. That’s why I didn’t have any clients. And even though I found an employee, at first he worked on credit. And when the money started coming in, all of the money went to the employee. Nothing was left for me. This meant that I needed more clients.

People should find me on Google,” I said to myself. I began learning the secrets of sustainable organic marketing. After a year of mastering search engine optimization (SEO), I found myself on the first pages of Google search results. My marketing agency burst into bloom and began to yield a profit. Orders started pouring in from Monaco, US, and England. I worked with Travel Visa Pro, Pivot Capital Fund, Monaco Fine Arts, Physitrack, and many other famous companies. After many years, I rebranded my old company to ADFACE and created a new one, “Big Fountain Agency.” I got more clients and friends and… and… As I am already successful and have more spare time, I can share my experience with you, my dear reader. I will give you the key to an extraordinary life!

I am the best bridge to your financial and inner success! Use me!

With me, you will:
a) Double your income with sustainable organic marketing. Come with me and you will never pay for ads again.
b) Free yourself from standard thinking and increase the quality of your life (you will find fulfillment!).
c) Become a human who reaches goals faster and works less but earns more.

Thats not all.

I will give you one thing, you desire.

Because I know what you want!

Oh yes, I know who you are, how you breathe, and at what pace + frequency you live, reader. Our hearts beat in unison! 126 BPM! Place your hand on your chest—feel us both! You are me, and I am you.

You desire more love, just like I used to. But today, my life is adorned with fulfillment. I know what’s worth striving for, I trust in myself, and I feel a treeeeeeeemendous sense of peace, which God can only dream of, and now it’s your turn. I promise you; you will achieve more than you expect! And yes, wonderful things await you. All you have to do is use the tools I created for you:

Gifts and tools which will save your ass!

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I’m writing not only about self-development. I share my honest opinion about fulfillment, success, society, life goals, and digital marketing.  My topics:

Topics I write about


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Love, relationships, friends

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Time management + goals

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Bullying: How to deal with haters online or… 

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Some facts about Alex Monaco

– He loves croissants, the French Riviera, and apple pies.

– Alex Monaco’s blog is written in over five languages: China, Spanish, Polish, Arabian, Russian, and…

– He has over 100,000 subscribers in various languages. (One of the accounts.)

– Listens to “Frisky Radio” while working.

– Alex Monaco’s book “Happy Bastards” was published on Amazon, so you must try to get it here: “Happy bastards.”

– In 2003 he created a web marketing agency and went international—Monaco, USA; working with companies such as Travelvisapro, Pivot Capital Fund, Monaco Fine Arts, Physitrack. In 2021 the company was sold. (Now it has another name, Adface.)

– After selling his company, Alex Monaco founded a new marketing agency “Big Fountain Agency,” where he and his team provide SEO consulting and social networking services.

– Together with a business partner, he developed the Onbo system, which received investment and an award from MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

– He created his own masterpiece: “Alex Monaco – Cabrio.”

– Favorite music tracks:

Foals – Late Night [Solomun Remix]
Crew Love – Drake Ft The Weeknd (Lyrics)
Shy Girls – When I Say I Love U (Saux Remix)
Tom Misch & Carmody – Atmosphere
Jamie Woon – Night Air
Rouge Rouge – L’Amour
ZAZ – Je veux
Miyagi – All The Time
Sofi Tukker – Orginal Sin
Moonlight sonata
Niccolò Paganini’s “Caprice #5” and “Caprice #24”

– Performers: Freddie Mercury, Metallica, Prodigy, Miyagi “All The Time.”

– Favorite movies: The Lone Warrior, Life Is Beautiful, 7 Pounds, Blood Machines, Gravity, Dr. Strange, Back to the Future.

– Favorite books: Atlas Shrugged, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, 21 lessons for the 21st century.

– Philosophers: Immanuel Kant, Jacque Fresco.