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Aggressive Email Marketing 2022: How Grant Cardone Tried to Hook Me.


Aggressive Email Marketing

Today I received five emails from Grant Cardone (although it’s a Saturday). Grant is one of the brightest motivational icons—a real underdog millionaire. He loves aggressive email marketing and… although what I am presenting here, after all, everyone already knows this pushy dad. 

Aggressive Email Marketing

I don’t know who creates email marketing campaigns for Grant Cardone (I don’t think that Seth Godin does), but the titles of his emails are catchy. For example, one of Grant Cardone’s emails was entitled “I’m giving away $4,003 before midnight.” Hell, I couldn’t help but reading it…

Therefore, today I propose delving into the world of Grant Cardone Email Marketing! I believe this will benefit you. Some will use his emails to write their own; others will gain inspiration and motivation or…

So, let’s get started!

Five Grant Cardone emails I received in one day

I received my first email early in the morning before the sun rose above the trees. Holding a cup of coffee in my hand, I read the title of an email.

Letter no. 1: Did you get my message?

You are getting this because you already bought a ticket to my Growth Conference (I actually didn’t) coming up in March… I always say that your network and the people around you make a world of difference in how fast you can reach massive levels of success. And I think we can all agree, it is better to share experiences with those you care about…

So THIS WEEKEND ONLY I want to offer you a Companion ticket at a massively discounted price… BUT…  I’m only offering this weekend only! Here is the special link for your discounted Companion ticket: (here was link) please DO NOT SHARE!

Look forward to seeing you in Miami for this year’s event… it’s going to be EPIC!!!

– Grant

What do I think about this email? I loved how Grant asked me not to share this link. That’s clever marketing, boy!

Let’s go to the next one.

Letter no. 2: Did you get my message?

I hadn’t heard back (Yes, that’s right, Grant Cardone, I didn’t answer you still!) from you and wanted to make sure you got my email last night.

It was late so I understand if it missed you…

But I don’t want you to miss out on the gift (Gift? Oh I like gifts) I put in it, so I’m gonna add it here for you.

Now, it’s VERY IMPORTANT that you don’t share this with ANYONE. (He asks again not to share.) It’s for your eyes only. Since you already bought your ticket to 10X GrowthCon 2021 I thought you might want to bring someone along with you. (Nice turn, Grant cardone)

This Special Link will save you over $2,500 on a 10X GrowthCon ticket. I’m only sending you this because I know how much better these life-changing experiences are when they’re shared with friends or family. Even though my team isn’t convinced, I knew you’d appreciate the opportunity to bring someone with you.

And I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to do that.  Just keep in mind that I can only keep this offer alive for you until Midnight tomorrow. (Grant, I think you’re kidding, because tomorrow and the day after tomorrow you will send me 5 more letters.) My team is like a pack of rabid wolves that I can only hold back for so long. (I created some stone cold killers!) So, don’t wait to grab a ticket for your guest while the price is this low.Because it won’t be this low for long, and likely never again. Grab your 10X GrowthCon companion ticket HERE

Letter no. 3: It’s probably your fault, Alex! (Of course, it’s always my fault; how can it be otherwise? My ex used to say the same thing.)

You probably won’t believe Alex, but I actually love to give my employees raises.

The reason why most business owners are so reluctant to giving out substantial raises is because their employees are not producing the results necessary to justify that raise…

And to be completely honest, it’s probably your fault Alex

You need to supply your employees with high quality training programs that have PROVEN results… In just 15 minutes, I can show you ONE tool that allows my employees to EARN their raises by 10Xing their results. Look, I get it… If you’re going to promote someone, it should be because they are producing results and not just performing their responsibilities. But you need to understand something, you don’t get great employees, you make great employees...

Get on a call TODAY to provide your employees with training programs that WORK

It’s on you now,

– Grant Cardone

Letter no. 4: Oh no… I thought you had more time! 

Hey Alex,  it’s Grant here. (Yes, Hi again! We are friends already)

I’m just gonna say it… I got some bad news. You know that 10X GrowthCon companion offer I sent you this morning? This One Right HERE that saves you $2,500 on a ticket to 10X GrowthCon 2021. Well, apparently we don’t have as many seats available as I thought we did… I wanted to do something to show my appreciation for you buying your 10X ticket

So, I created this special offer so you could bring a guest at an extremely low price.

But it’s only lunch time and these seats I put aside for you are already almost gone. You gotta grab yours before you miss your chance! Grab Your 10X GrowthCon Mega Discount HERE. Last I checked there were less than 20 of these spots left. (Really only 20? Uch…. Aggressive email marketing) And my guys are on the phones right now trying to sell them at full price! You know how good they are at selling…

Don’t wait to grab your ticket while the price is this low. Because it won’t ever be this low again. Grab your 10X GrowthCon companion ticket HERE. I’ll be looking for you at GrowthCon,


Letter no. 5: Alex, 2020 wasn’t all bad… Was it? (No, for me, it was okay, but thank you for caring Grant Cardone!)

The only good thing to come out of last year’s global crisis is… Now we know we have what it takes to survive the worst the world can throw at us. You’re mentally tougher now and it shows in everything you do. The way you walk, how you talk, and how much harder you’ve been pushing yourself to ensure you’re ready for anything! When others are making excuses about why they can’t achieve the success they’re after you’re creating solutions to prove that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, no matter what happens.

That’s why I know that you’re finally ready to take your success to a whole new level!

It’s why I’m inviting you to my newest 10X success coaching 100% free of charge.

Claim your seat HERE. No excuses will ever hold up against the issues you were forced to push through to survive last year.

Despite how hard things were, you’re still here fighting to create a better future. Now, I’m going to help you succeed in creating it! Claim your Free 10X success coaching HERE


I hope you gained some inspiring ideas or motivation from the Cardone emails. After all, there’s something to learn from aggressive Email Marketing. First of all, Grant isn’t afraid of sending five emails a day. (By the way, yesterday I got 6 emails)
aggressive marketing by grant cardone
This doesn’t mean you have to send the same amount; you can send seven or more. I’m kidding. You can send one a day. Don’t spare your subscribers’ email addresses—give them all your knowledge, here and now! Tomorrow, at the latest! First thing in the morning!

The second point to emphasize: Grant believes in his products. When you believe in your services, you move forward with your arms straight. When you believe in the services you offer, you feel like telling the world 24/7, in all formats, by email, and so on.

I didn’t buy Grant Cardone’s services, but his emails invigorate me.

Who knows, maybe someday he will be able to convince me to press the “Buy” button!

Let’s descuss!

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