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An extreme method to achieve your goal: Personally checked


to achieve your goal

“Alex, okay, but how to achieve a goal?” you will ask. Be warned; my answer will be sugarless! Are you ready? 

Did you notice, yesterday you forgot to close the door of your house? I took the opportunity—I broke into your house to pour a special Alex Monaco’s poisonous powder into your tea! This special poison will take effect in seven days—your time is counted—tick tack… But you have salvation!!! Oh yes, Alex Monaco’s magic poison WILL NOT WORK; if you learn to feel good in the next five days, you will become a super happy person + squeeze the maximum out of your life! Do you think that you would have put in more effort under such circumstances? After all, this situation would OBLIGATE you to change in the speed of lightning. BUT I WILL CALM YOU—I didn’t add any powder to your tea. Therefore, take my words as a metaphor to help you understand why people don’t go after their dreams.  

“Eh, Alex, I hate you! I wish you had added magic poison to my tea! Your poison would make me put my best efforts into dreams, but it didn’t happen!” one of the wiser readers who understands that commitment is the most powerful weapon in making your dreams come true will complain. But it’s not a problem. I will tell you in a moment how I motivate myself!

How am I achieving my goals?

Once I decided to write a book. Imagining how it inspires hundreds of thousands of souls, I felt thousands of little elephants running on my body. The key-pressing noises spread. It’s hard to fall asleep when you have so much motivation, so I worked without any caffeine until morning. I fell asleep, leaning my head on the table. 

The next day I wanted to continue, but—bam—quite often, I ran into a problem that you face: Where to get the motivation? 

Yesterday’s enthusiasm evaporated like smoke.

I didn’t know what to do, so I was stuck in the thinker’s position for a long time.

The thinker

Thank you, Auguste Rodin, for this sculpture. 

Summer ended… 

The trees began to dance a striptease, and my sheets of paper were still blank… 

Something was missing; I needed a kick in my ass that would make me move. To the hell, I needed a HUUUUUUGE motivating dose instead of a microscopic one! 

But I couldn’t solve the problem… 

After some time, I received an offer from Alma Littera. 

“We want to publish your book!” they stated.

“Send me an agreement,” I suggested. 

There was a deadline in the agreement; six months after signing it, to be precise. “I have time,” I thought by signing. I jumped to work. So my book and words were only born because I committed myself to write it! If I hadn’t taken responsibility for it, who knows, I might have put off writing a book for the rest of my life, as millions have done. Why am I talking about this? My goal is to give you the necessary secret/formula for achieving goals that you should burn into your heart: If you want to reach something, you need to commit. 

Commitment will help you achieve your goal. For example, you may choose to achieve joy within three months. For that to happen, you need to commit. If you get committed, several things will happen: 

  1. You will feel a more serious approach to the goal, whatever it is, happiness, joy, or a hundred thousand dollars in five months. 
  2. Commitment will motivate you to create a serious plan of action. 
  3. You will be less likely to pick your nose; that is, you will be less likely to sit on social networks. Someone will make excuses that they are rarely on social networks, but we all understand that it’s tough to find someone who is able to do it. Because those who don’t sit on Facebook sit on dating sites and other digital holes…

“Okay, got it, but how to commit? What are the necessary steps? Can you tell me more?” a reader will ask. 

Oh yes, I write about it often. As Gary Vaynerchuk constantly reminds us of the importance of humility—I constantly emphasize the importance of commitment, responsibility. So let’s continue the conversation, dear friend—read my article on how to commit: “How to change your life in 30 days”

Let’s descuss!

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