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Are you fed up with life? What to do!


Are you fed up with life? I was—more than ten times. Oh yeah, I’m not going to lie. I will not pretend that I’m the perfect robot that always smiles and does not sleep at night because it always has energy. It’s a fact, I am a person whose body and brain get tired at times, and I start to feel bad.

There are periods like this:
I'm fed up with this world gif
I don’t feel like working, and it’s starting to look like life is a bad place. Sometimes this feeling lasts for hours and sometimes for weeks or longer. There have been times when I have had this feeling for over a month. But I solved it!

So what am I doing to get back to my good mood? I’ll tell you everything.

Two solutions that helped me when I was fed up with life

1. Taking a shower and a long break.

Life is an exciting thing. Sometimes it gives us a pig, and it seems that we are feeling fed up with our lives.  But it only LOOKS like it! Because many factors can affect you, including rain which causes melancholy. All of these things blend into the mix, and it looks like we’re about to explode. It is important to pay attention to this condition. As soon as I notice it, I turn off my computer, TV and go to lie in my bathtub. And if that’s impossible, I take a shower.

Sometimes I feel unwell for more than a day, and then I take a break from everything. When it happens, I have to leave all work alone—go along with the flow. I know it’s hard when you have a job that you have to go to every day. But you can find half an hour for yourself. During this time, you can meditate or… The main thing is not to be online or in front of the TV. Go to bed early. Take a two-day vacation and get a good night’s sleep.

2. Meeting my friends.

When I get bored of everything, I hang out with my friends. I am talking about people who do not drain the rest of my energy and teach me how to live but help me relax and forget about problems. Get in the car and drive towards the sea, lake. But not to drink beer. I remember how one of my employees once asked for a vacation because everything was f*cked up for him. He said he would go fishing. But he got drunk there and didn’t return to work for several days. When he came back, he was still tired because the alcohol had exhausted him even more. Please don’t do it; you know you can have a great time without beer. BECAUSE FRIENDS ARE BETTER THAN ALCOHOL OR CIGARETTES, oh yes, spend the whole weekend in nature. Blend with it using your entire body. Disconnect from the system, and you will feel your strength revive.

Unfortunately, sometimes you may feel unwell for a more extended period. Sometimes it can be related to depression. Therefore, I would suggest consulting a psychologist. Please don’t be shy about it. However, quite often, a bad mood can be associated with ordinary human fatigue.

Everyone knows fatigue, even me. I was a workaholic for a long time. And so far, I feel that sometimes I work too much. But I used to work a lot more before—every day for at least 14 hours. Only a young person can keep up with this pace. And since I’m not 16 anymore, I have to be careful and dedicate time for myself. To protect me, I had to change my habits. One of the primary things that helped me was changing my eating schedule. I used to sit around eating all day, but I spent much more time only at breakfast and lunch today. When I eat, I manage to rest. Oh yes, I suggest you enjoy your food and eat for more than half an hour. Meditate while eating. Turn on the music. You can eat for up to an hour.

If you work in an office, you probably have an hour for lunch? Or maybe half an hour? Take this time to enjoy your meal. You can certainly do this—even if you only have a sandwich. Cut it into small bites, make a lot of mini sandwiches from a simple sandwich. Let one sandwich turn into 10. And drink your tea while inhaling its aroma. By doing it, leave your cell phone aside, okay?

i am fed up with life

What do others offer if you’re fed up with your life? 

Doctor of Psychology Robert Wicks states, “It’s a wonderful opportunity to make a move to increase self-awareness and enable profound change if you’re fed up with this world.”

So, Robert offers to take advantage of the emotions you feel when you are fed up.   

Or you can just f*ck it all. Use a suggestion introduced in the book “F**k it;” its author suggests that you send those negative thoughts to hell and relax; see what happens by itself.

Anyway, in her article about overcoming all your mental problems, therapist Elly Prior suggests less drastic and science-backed tips to get rid of the phrase “I’m fed up with life.” She would advise you:

  1. Start exercising and give your brain a movement for which it is craving
  2. Don’t wait till someone invites you; make a step and invite them first! 
  3. Fix your relationship with nature. It’s missing you a lot. 
  4. Make an eating schedule and keep up with it. 
  5. Start searching for meaning by volunteering 🙂 

It’s an inspiring article; you can read it here: “How to Transform a Boring Life.”

P.S. I have a gift: Download the book “How to Kill the Inner Critic” for free. This book is closely related to the article you just read!

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