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The most beneficial hobbies for men


I knew a man who had an interesting hobby. Every morning he would go out on the terrace and start examining the clouds, houses, and passers-by with his eyes. He stayed there until the evening. Quite an interesting job, isn’t it?

The most beneficial hobbies for men

The neighbors were furious with him because they didn’t like unnecessary eyes, but I liked the neighbor’s hobby. Why? I was able to leave the house with the door open because I knew the neighbor was always watching and he would be able to tell me what the robbers looked like. I would be happy to pay him for guarding, but he did it for free. Because it was his hobby.

He could work in a shop with 10 cameras. He would see a lot more and make money. Or he might have started a trucking company, but he wasn’t a very wise neighbor.

Why am I talking about this?

I want to emphasize that no matter what your hobby is, you can always squeeze money out of it, but this can only be done if you have other hobbies related to your passion for earning money.

For example, if you like eating apple pies, you can become an apple pie expert and start your own business.

Or you can earn money by playing PC games. And let your mother scream, “Son, it’s enough to play on that computer!” PewDiePie made his first million playing online! But again, PewDiePie wouldn’t be successful if he only had one hobby. A hobby related to money helped him.

And you, do you have a hobby related to money? Do you like to talk about money? Do you like reading articles on how to work less and earn more?

“But, Alex, I don’t want any money, what else will you advice me?” a reader will say.

I have an answer. I’m about to give you a hobby list that activates all the knowledge you’ve accumulated throughout your life!

If you spend time every day on the hobbies I mention, you will become super successful.

List of hobbies for men:

1. Communication

How do you like such a hobby?

Will you do this more often?

Thanks for your answer and let’s move further. Because there are more good hobbies for men!

2. Hunting

What will you do in the event of a recession as happened in America? Will you be able to catch a duck? What will you feed your family with?

A man’s traditional role in the home has always been that of a breadwinner. For the vast majority of our species’ history, this was accomplished by hunting wild animals. Initiating boys into manhood and giving males a chance to communicate with one another in a strictly masculine environment were both important functions that the hunt served to perform for many societies and tribes. Let’s jump to the present day. Many guys prefer to get their beef prepackaged in plastic or paper with the words “Big Mac” printed on them. Additionally, hormones and antibiotics are frequently put into the meat. So man has become very distant from the natural sources of the food he eats.

It’s high time you went on a hunt if you want to get back into the “Circle of Life” mindset and feel more connected to life. There are an infinite number of advantages to going on hunting trips, but here are just a few of them: To begin, it provides you with the opportunity to provide you and your family with a source of high-quality, lean meat that is free from hormones and antibiotics (and perhaps even ammonia!) that are present in the majority of meat that is produced in a factory farm setting. Second, it permits you to reacquaint yourself with the natural world around you. Thirdly, by purchasing hunting licenses and equipment, you will be contributing to the preservation of wildlife because state wildlife agencies are funded by the money hunters spend on these items. And fourth, even if you don’t wind up killing anything, hunting still gives you the chance to form male bonds and friendships, which is a significant contributor to your total level of happiness. 

Marketing or the art of sales

When I was little, I was interested in watching commercials. I was fascinated by the people who make them. I collected posters and banners, and one day I realized that I want to create ads myself.

Later, I started creating ads for my businesses. I’m convinced that things would be much worse for me if I didn’t know how to sell.

Oh yes, I’m super successful because marketing was my hobby.

So if you want to be successful, you should start to be curious about ads. Because it’s one of the most important hobbies. It helps not only in business. Imagine you want to go to Alaska. And your other half doesn’t want it because it’s cold out there. You can only convince her if you learn how to sell her your idea. And the more you are interested in marketing or sales, the more ideas/products you can sell. 


If writing is your hobby, you are indestructible. A person who writes can impress the employer or a loved one. And I impress hundreds of thousands of readers with a quill.

In previous articles, I have covered the benefits of reviving the lost art of writing. So, writing in your leisure time can be a highly gratifying activity. You can indulge in writing fun by getting into cool gear, such as exquisite stationery and fountain pens. Send out several letters to your loved ones, both near and far. At least one of them will write back to you; if they do, you can start a dialogue with them that could last a lifetime. Make it a goal to compose at least one of these seven letters before you die.

Writing is not a hobby that is good to have. IT’S A HOBBY YOU HAVE TO OCCUPY YOURSELF WITH!

A man who writes is extremely sexy. Never forget that! 

Martial arts

This hobby helps to balance life and focus on the essence. 

I especially recommend Aikido

Because the philosophy of Aikido is amazing. 

The essence of Aikido is to use the enemy’s force against himself. 

And if you get criticized online, you can use psychological Aikido. However, this requires knowledge only people interested in similar martial arts possess. 

Habitual interest in the world and constant learning

One of a man’s primary aspirations should be to become a lifelong student. Of course, reading is a wonderful pastime that can help you achieve your goal, but attending classes online is even more effective because it exposes you to multiple pedagogical approaches (video, reading, discussion) and holds you accountable for your progress through tests and assignments. Moreover, if you get stuck or have any problems, your knowledgeable instructors are always there to help you.

The beautiful thing about this pastime is that it rarely actually costs anything. The pages like EdX and Coursera allow anyone to enroll in free online courses in various subjects, from computer programming fundamentals to problem-solving or folk music. The hardest part, in my opinion, is doing the assignments when you’re not financially penalized for them; therefore, it’s a good idea to work on them with a friend or in a small group.


Time greed may affect any man, even those who don’t see themselves as materialistic. Egoism cankers our souls in the long term, even if in the short term it appears like protecting our time and resources from others would make us happier. Hence, generosity in service to others should be a component of every man’s life. When you give yourself to others, you frequently discover that you have gained far more than you gave.

Volunteering is a great alternative to spending all your free time on your interests; by helping others, you’ll get a sense of accomplishment, gain some perspective on your concerns, and help break down stereotypes, among other benefits. While it’s undeniable that men need time alone with an activity to re-energize, men will also find that volunteering regularly provides them with a special kind of revitalization.

Learning a foreign language

Learning a new language is one of the few pastimes that may be so obviously beneficial to one’s career and personal life. Count the times you wished you could speak to a server, client, or sibling but were unable to. When was the last time you went internationally and wished you knew the language? While it’s true that learning a new language isn’t easy, it’s impressive to have the capacity to communicate in not one but two distinct tongues. There are several low-cost options for learning a new language, including classes at local community colleges and software like Rosetta Stone that can be used in the comfort of your home. Want more advice? Visit a library. The library is great for meeting new people and getting some weekly language practice. Listening to music and watching TV shows in the target language is also useful.

Posing, learning to look confident in front of the camera

I used to walk hunched over. My ex used to say that I was “dragging” my legs.

I thought she was talking nonsense, but once I saw a video of myself, I felt disgusted. I looked like a loser. So, therefore, I decided to change how I move and posture. 

And one time, I received a message on Facebook. Morris wrote: “I saw you. And your masculine gait.” That was one of the best compliments I’ve ever heard. 

Understand, posture helps you to be successful.

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