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The biggest secret of HAPPINESS and why cats purr


Let me get electrically shocked, but this article is the most charming and intimate you’ve ever read on the English internet. Oh yeah, YOU will like it! After all, I’m the most sincere blogger globally, and… you will get more than you expect, much more and…

“Alex, you are such a narcissist; stop bragging!” a reader will get angry, and I gladly shake his hand for the truth. Sometimes I praise myself too much. But soon, I will fix it and tell you the greatest secret of love and happiness that will change your life. 

happy Man standing on shore

The biggest secret of HAPPINESS

Let’s start with a question.  Reader, why do cats purr so heartily?

Smiling and happy cat

I believe cats purr not to be happy, but because they are already happy. Reread the last sentence. The essence lies in it. Because cats purr not because they found the other half and not because the bitcoin investment was successful—they just purr, and that’s it. In other words, purring is not a tool but an expression of happiness. But people see happiness differently. They try to play a purr to feel the joy of what is fake.

I know what I’m saying. I’ve tried this and that and the fifth. It seemed to me that when I found the girl, I would finally catch a glimmer of sunlight breaking through the curtains and start rolling like this cat:

happy cat

But the plan failed. I still felt the vacuum tear through my chest. When I could simply console myself with happiness… Your EX felt the same. So she laid beside me like firewood. She didn’t know how to roll with happiness, how to purr. Although damn that purring, the essence of what is visible in the eyes, and they were empty. Emptier than empty… And I laid beside her like firewood.

We both played that we were happy, simply played… People play more often than they actually feel… 

Lying next to me, ex thought, “Alexander, you jackass… If you had been understanding, things would have been different… you never listen to me… Blah blah… You talk, talk, and don’t give me even a word to say. If you could listen to me, I would give you more than you expect.” 

And I was thinking, “Why aren’t you letting me say anything? You talk, talk…”

We both wanted the same thing, but we wanted to achieve goals differently. She through her senses and I through my body…

Before us was a 30-degree relationship at the end of which there is ALWAYS a divorce that can only be avoided if he and she start a relationship not to suck each other’s happiness. Suck and share are different things. And only a fool (as I was when I was 22-36) tries to double his happiness by taking advantage of a loved one. Therefore, those looking to find peace in a relationship will need to look at relationship psychology, why people want to be with you, and why you want to be with them. It’s not hard to understand; just open up to me, the person who wrote this article, because I was you myself, dear reader. I felt your feelings. Our hearts beat in one rhythm. And our exes acted the same. Don’t you believe it?

Remember your ex? This person was hoping to get as much love as possible but was too lazy to open their heart to you! They wanted you to listen to them, but they were chatting like Kalashnikov themselves, not letting you intervene. They wanted you to be understanding, but they would not stop clinging. They only saw your cons and wrote off your pluses.  They yearned for love, even though they haven’t read books about what true love is. First, they expected attention. When you gave your attention, they began demanding kisses and love. And later, they demanded respect. 

Having received respect, they decided to increase the requirements. They started to want their friends TO SEE how you show respect to them. And, of course, you didn’t try hard enough. 

And then they wanted more and more. 

They were waiting for your apologies, even though they themselves did not know how to apologize…—STOP, there’s only one desire here, to scream, “Hey, snooty, if you can’t apologize, WHY THE HELL build a relationship?”

But I was exactly the same! Do you think I’m going to pretend that I’ve always been perfect? Who am I to you, some idiot? I stopped justifying myself because why play the perfect one? Yes, I’m talking about myself—Alex!  

I was also waiting for the actions of a loved one!  

I waited for her to do what I had to do myself… 

While waiting for the manifestation of attention, I listened to the song “There will never be too much love for me” by “Fojė.” All thoughts were focused on me AND ONLY ME. And here you have to accept the fact that apple pie is always tastier when someone else brings it… and when it is with ice cream.

And only Counter-Strike + RTCW helped me to forget… 

And when we met again, I wanted slowly… And sometimes very quickly… And sometimes… And she had to dance to my pipe… And my well-being depended on it… And it seems normal, but when it is related to happiness… Happiness and love should rely only on you! Neither love nor happiness should hurt you; on the contrary, lift you above the clouds. Sure, I knew, but I was watching it through my fingers. That’s why life was falling apart. And when I changed the woman, the emotions remained the same. So I told myself, “That’s it. Hasta la vista. I have to leave her.” 

“Goodbye!” I uttered and was left alone.

I refused relationships. I refused to have body sex so that in the future, I would have an orgasm not only of my body but also of my soul while making love with a loved one. 

Even though I didn’t know what was in front of me, I felt the past was receding… 

Believe me; it’s good to watch how the past drags along an old mindset like the Titanic…  

I knew, I felt that as soon as I find happiness in myself, rolling in the sun (like a cat), I would inadvertently notice a woman nearby, with her eyes burning with calmness and just a little uncertainty. And not a lot of uncertainty and a little bit of happiness.

two who happy cats

Do you understand? 

Oh yes, happiness should depend only on you! And love, too, should depend only on you… This means that happiness and love are the same, only happiness is vertical, and love is horizontal. And both of these must be spread, not sucked. So it’s better to be a source of love + happiness than a leech. Cause how much life is worth when you quench the good that exists in you? 

Because if you don’t spread good, then how can you charm??? How can a cat be charming when it is sad? How can a dog be charming when it barks at a tree?

Do you understand that if you suck emotions, they will see you as a leech?

And if you pretend to be a victim, how will people feel your strength if you warn yourself of everything? 

And who will finally show the world what kind of person NEEDS TO BE??? 

“But I’m surrounded by so many cold people. Why should I share??? And be good?” an interlocutor will ask… And I will answer: For you to LIVE, not simulate

For you to really live.

So that in a year, you would experience more than you did in 10 years. 

So that you can feel what Alex Monaco feels every day.

AND LET the COLD people surround you (I’m talking about emotions) – only you can defrost them like ice statues! 

“Alex, you’re a fool,” unhappy people can speak, but I managed to do it! 

You hear, only you can show people how a person can flourish! 

And it’s good for me to know that today you perceive more than others. And no one can STOP, DESTROY, REDUCE you because you already know the secret of happiness, and you don’t have to look for the answer anymore because you know it. You realize that the answer lies not in what you get but in what you share! Therefore, it is important to share not anger, jealousy, violence, your body, but fabulous energy, positive attitude, inspiring actions, and, most importantly, that…

Well, you know what’s most important?    

Where is your answer? 

Maybe you think you’re missing the last piece of the puzzle?   

Know that you have that piece. You have it.

You know the answer, but don’t believe it yet. You don’t believe in yourself yet, so here’s me. And you will trust in yourself. 

“How?” you will ask. 

I could tell, but enough talking. Take the key + my hand. Let’s go. Experience it all with your body, emotions, and all hair ends. Read my articles more often and follow my Facebook profile daily, where I share my story, experiences:

Let’s descuss!

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