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The best thoughts about success 2022


We present the most attention-gathered Alex Monaco’s thoughts about success.

1. Although I was not born under the success star, I’m much more successful because I put in more work than the guys with angels.

2. Success does not depend on how many times you kick misfortune in the teeth but how many times you can withstand the blows. I’m talking about psychological resilience.

3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe success has no legs. Anyway, there exist some people who are waiting for success to climb through the window and shout, “Hey, man. I’m luck; I came to you on my own! Can you see the bag? I have brought with me all your desires! No, don’t even think about lifting your ass from the couch. Let me get all these things closer and personally hand them to you.”

4. When you focus on the inner world, the inner world begins to expand outward, you become more accessible, and you gain independence. And if you focus only on the outside world (material success), the outside world starts eating you—expanding inward, extinguishing your I.

5. Im sure you know someone who believes that they will only find happiness after becoming successful. They work, work, work but fail to catch happiness by its tail. They forgot a time-proven phrase: “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.

6. You know a lot of things. You know what habits you need to REMOVE. You know what life you want. You know you need more time for yourself, your PARENTS, more time for rest, travel, forgiveness, playing sports. Although you know so much, you are not using that information! Please, I beg you, understand, success doesn’t depend on how much you know, but how many times you Use The Knowledge You Already Have in Your Head!

Use ALL the knowledge you already have in your head! Because there are people who are getting ready, preparing, but still not striving to reach their goal. And you get moving! You can’t even imagine how much you will achieve if you start acting!

I present a recipe for success: more actions + more trying = more results!  

7. There are only two people who can make you successful. The first person is you; the second you will see by looking in the mirror.

8. Only those who have experienced the greatest failures can be the most successful.

9. Three truths about failure:  
1) Failure is temporary.
2) It shows that you have tried to reach your goal and proves that you are not sluggish.
3) Failure is just another step to success, so please go a step further!

10. We came up with the idea that only successful startupers, YouTubers, and entrepreneurs deserve happiness and respect. Therefore, when someone asks you what you’ve achieved, you don’t even know what to answer. Because you are not as successful as Elon Musk. You haven’t created a successful startup, you’re not shown on TV, and your youtube channel is unknown. Therefore, it seems to you that you are nobody… But it’s not true because the true worth of a person depends on other things

You may contradict me, but in my opinion, a person’s life will make sense when he contributes to things of value. For example, it will contribute to the promotion of his country name in the world. We are talking about the meaning of life, not about a selfish increase in personal worth. And I bow my head to those who promote not themselves but meaningful values.

It’s important to understand. Because those who only increase their VALUE are doomed to think about why they feel void inside constantly, and those who care about other people’s values ​​find fulfillment + happiness.

11. I used to think that success is when you build an enviable business, earn money, or charm a GOOD chick. I was wrong. True success can only be achieved if you learn to respect what you have today; life, friends, and… Because if you CAN RESPECT WHAT YOU HAVE, outstanding achievements will bring even more excitement and happiness than someone who cannot respect small things.

12. Let’s face it; you’ve been meeting people who keep complaining. They keep saying that they lack experience, knowledge, money, and so on. Their focus is not on achieving goals but on a brief debate about their shortcomings… I have advice for people like that. Don’t complain, don’t discuss your flaws! Put the disadvantages aside and focus on your goals, and you will reach exceptional heights!

13. Perfectionism is the BIGGEST enemy of creativity.

14. Some people are sad because they haven’t gotten their lives sorted out. However, I have never known of anyone who has a sorted-out existence! Because life can’t be sorted out in such a way that you don’t have to sort it out again later unless you fill it up with cement… But even if you fill the street with cement, it will still need attention, even if the Swiss did the work. Nevertheless, personalities still believe that creating a super-duper business and buying a BMW can sort out life forever. But a BMW doesn’t last forever. BMWs break down too. That’s why there are so many car repair services in the city. These are the laws of the world—everything is constantly changing, so life has to be “repaired.” And there is zero evil in that. After all, if nothing ever broke and nothing ever changed, we would all sit and stare at the ceiling all day. That would be boring. The charm of life would be lost. So, when someone complains that they haven’t sorted out their life yet, tell them: “You don’t need a sorted out life! The most important thing is that life be interesting!”

15. I think you know someone waiting for the world (or God) to make an effort on their behalf. The world will fulfill desires, which is a means of showing that he can prove his power. But the world has a different understanding. The world looks at people differently. You see, it caused us to see what we could do. It tests our will, our stubbornness. Therefore, people should not wait. They should take action to show the world what they are skilled. So, everyone, the world is waiting for you!

16. I’m sure you know dreamers, those who talk but do nothing. If they had fought for their dreams for as long as they spoke of them, they would have achieved goals a long time ago.

17. I once met a 74-year-old man who said his life was nearing its end. He was sorry for his old age. I met up with him a year later. I barely recognized him. At the age of 75, he told me about the heaps of remarkable ideas and goals. He told me about the trips he was planning for the following year. Talking to this person showed me that people change. No matter how old you are, you need to enjoy yourself as if it were your last day on earth while dreaming and making plans for tomorrow at the same time. Because creating goals and achieving them also provides pleasure.

18. You can dream, or you can make a dream come true. These are two completely different things!

19. My friend’s words shocked me. Here is what he said, “Alex, don’t be a stingy Scrooge! If you have the best idea, give it to the people! Just give it and don’t save it for a book. Be generous and share today!” These thoughts fascinated me. I had a good idea, and I tried to SAVE this idea for a new book, but damn savings! You have to share everything without waiting for the right time. That’s why I published a revolutionary message calledThe Most Important Message (and Value) of All Times” on my website.

20. I didn’t believe in luck, yet I was wrong. It does exist. I got lucky for the first time when I was born… That’s not all! I get lucky every day! It happens when I wake up and realize I still have an opportunity to admire this wonderful world. That’s the most important!!! Everything else (what you want) is only bonuses you can acquire by yourself. You just have to roll up your sleeves!!! I want to tell everyone who complains: if you are alive + your head works, it means you are lucky more than ever! Don’t be an asshole and smile at your success until it’s too late!

21. I bet you know people who would like to meet a super successful person. They dream of surrounding themselves with rich ones, entrepreneurs. Because acquaintances will help them succeed, unfortunately, it is an ILLUSION. Acquaintance with the rich can only be called a success if:

  1. a) Your new friend (millionaire) will get down on his knees and say: “Dear Sir, I commit to solving all your relationship/money problems for the rest of my life!”
  2. b) After acquaintance with a millionaire, you listen to all his advice and follow the instructions for at least three years in a row. Unfortunately, few people listen to advice—they flush them down the toilet. Therefore, it is not how many successful people you know matters, but whether you know how to use the tips you read in books written by successful people.

Understand me well. It’s not wrong to accept unexpected success if it knocks on the door itself, but it’s not wise to focus solely on waiting for success. In other words: “Dreaming of meeting a millionaire is not bad, but you shouldn’t sit on the couch and solely focus on waiting.”

Let’s descuss!

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