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The best thoughts about happiness 2023


We present the most attention-gathered Alex Monaco’s thoughts about happiness.

The best thoughts about happiness 2022

Best thoughts about happiness

1. Some people fly in search of happiness to another country. But when they arrive on a remote island, they experience far less excitement than the children who find the bog near the house. Because happiness doesn’t depend on where you are, but on whether you know how to appreciate what you have.

2. Everyone has a friend who is constantly complaining about problems. He thinks that he would be happy if the problems evaporated. But happiness doesn’t depend on how many problems you have, but how you respond to them.

3. Happiness costs an enormous amount. Its price is higher than money, so even most rich people have not been able to buy it.

4. Those who want to marry happiness should first divorce their doubts.

5. Being positive doesn’t mean being happy all the time. Being positive means knowing that problems will be solved sooner or later.

6. There are two types of people. The first seek success through recognition and respect. Others aren’t looking for recognition—they don’t care what other people think, so they’re 100 times happier.

7. Happiness does not depend on the amount of money but on whether you know how to enjoy this world. After all, you can have a luxurious garden, but why do you need it if you do not have time and desire to enjoy the scent of flowers.

8. You can change your hairstyle, adjust your nose, buy new wheels, and change your home address, but the problems will not disappear. Because all of the things mentioned, apply only to external changes. And those who want happiness must change the inner world—mindset.  

9. I’m not looking for happiness; because happiness is not the final stop. A much higher emotion is bliss. Therefore, I propose to strive for both happiness and bliss. Only then will you feel fulfillment, balance, and peace.

10. I will share the formula of happiness and fulfillment!

Sport + healthy food + favorite job + enough sleep + gratitude + balance = fulfilment and satisfaction 

11. Surely you know someone who has repeatedly tried to deceive happiness—to buy it in a bar, in a store. But he failed because happiness cannot be purchased. Because happiness goes only to the hearts of those ready for it and not to those who want to buy it like something for money.

12. Remember: life is too short to work and have no time for moments of happiness! So strive for your goals, but don’t forget to enjoy life every day! 

13. About investments. Hey—enough with investing your time in sadness/self-irritation. Invest in your happiness and that of your friends!!! Remember, only smart investments pay off.

14. Best financial advice ever: 

Anger and sadness bring losses, and happiness generates vast profits. In other words—take care of the finances of happiness, and you will be in the tenth heaven.

Personally checked.

15. It seems to us that by touching a dream with our own hands, we will eventually become happy. This is not the case. Because when we reach our destination, we focus on defence, just like puppies when they find a delicious bone. Fearing to lose our “bone,” we predatorily grab on the achieved goal with all ten fingers. Since defending an achieved goal takes a lot of time, there’s no time left for yourself or your friends. Because KEEPING a bird in your hands is harder than CATCHING it. Getting married is easier than staying together in harmony for 20 years. Maintaining a big house is more complex than buying it… What did I want to say? The fact is that happiness cannot be achieved through the goals advertised by society. Because if you achieve your goal, you’ll have to defend it to death. So I propose breaking the standards/rules—enjoy happiness today, not after doing the first, second, third, and fourth thing!

16. If you can walk, listen to music, talk, love, dream, you are a super happy person—you have everything you need. Even if you don’t have some of these things, it doesn’t mean you don’t have enough. Because among the things I listed, I didn’t mention that life is the most valuable. Life is the most precious commodity. CHERISH + PROTECT IT!

17. Once upon a time, a man won a tremendous fortune. He bought a huge house. Next to his new “stronghold,” he purchased three large homes for his three friends. After a while, the winner became angry with all his friends. His friends couldn’t pay taxes for houses… This story proves that money does not always bring friends together. Sometimes families break up because of money. 

18. Quality of life and happiness levels deteriorate because people are too sensitive to difficulties, not because they are faced with many problems.

19. It’s hard to believe, but people’s well-being and personality depend on the questions they pose to themselves. Some people ask themselves, “Why don’t people love me,” while others ask themselves, “I’m already a happy person, so why not uplift others?” Change the questions, and you will change yourself.

20. I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that you can still become a happy person, and the bad news is that happiness is hurt because you’ve squashed it with your butt!

21. It would be good if people strove not only for happiness but also for fulfillment because there are even more depth, meanings, values, and emotions in fulfillment (bliss, ecstasy, peace, and…).

22. I got a message on Facebook today: “Congratulations on your birthday, wishing you happiness.” Although this wish is beautiful, it is deceptive. I am a realist. I believe you cannot receive happiness accidentally or unintentionally. In my belief, happiness doesn’t depend on destiny. Happiness depends only on how much you value life and whether you can enjoy it. I have met people older than me who have LEARNED to enjoy life because we can learn to be happy.

23. I hope a day will come when humankind will become worth saying the following words: “In the past, we humans were used to strive for happiness through things, status through $. We used these things as bridges to happiness. After crossing the bridge, we thought that we would find ourselves on the other side—on the island of happiness where we could rejoice. But it didn’t happen. On the contrary, when we found ourselves on the other side, we felt lonely, so we searched for another bridge. Every time we crossed that bridge, we realized we needed a different bridge. So we, the people, had a “bridge” mindset. But one day, we realized a crucial thing. We realized that happiness is in mind, not out in the wilderness. We changed the education system. Students learned the art of managing emotions. The culture has changed. The values have changed. After many years, humankind has learned to control emotions, jealousy, and anger. Only by helping each other discover inner happiness could we become a race of happy and wise people.”

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