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The Best Time to Post on Facebook in 2022



The Best Time to Post on Facebook in 2021

There are many articles out there that tell you exactly the Best Time to Post on Facebook. Some say you should post from 12-1 a.m., while others in between the hours of 1-4 a.m. Unfortunately, following their instructions will not increase the number of followers. Why? I will list eight reasons why you shouldn’t post on Facebook only at the best times:

1. Would you agree with kissing your other half only at 1 a.m., just because it’s what research suggests?

Yes, I ask you, would you agree with kissing your loved one only at an exact hour just because it’s what influencers say? I know there will be people asking what this has to do with Facebook posts. The answer is simple: It all depends on the RELATIONSHIP between you and your followers. The closer they are to you, the better. The more time you devote to your followers, the closer they will be to you. After all, we’re talking about social networks! Social networks involve real communication that shouldn’t be made subject to rules. So, please don’t let others decide when you can share your message with your other half, with the world, or with Facebook!
By maintaining the right hour, you lag behind the pace…

2. It’s not a secret—social networks require you to breathe in rhythm with society! 

Oh yes, topics change every hour! What was important during the day has lost its relevance in the evening! So, you have to be super fast! So, don’t wait—don’t follow schedules—post your post now!

3. If you publish a bad photo and a bad post during the best hours, you won’t be successful

However, if you post a very inspirational message at the worst possible moment, it is sure to be successful.

 4. If you are a newbie and want rapid development, you should publish at least 8-10 posts a day

That’s what Gary Vaynerchuk said. As you understand, at best, you won’t be able to post all those five or ten messages at the best time.

“But Alex, you promised to tell me when to publish posts on Facebook and Instagram,” the reader will say. Well, I have to keep my promise.

Here’s a table of the best examples in the world where you can clearly see the most opportune time to post!

The best time is always!!!

Long live independence!

From now on, instead of procrastinating and looking for more information about the best possible times to post or other secrets, you will hopefully share another post, as only honest news posting is related to success. By the way, you can share this post with others. The more you show others what you’re doing, the better your chances of getting on the feed will be. After all, have you ever heard of the term “social life”?

And yes, your “vitality” depends on how often you’re online.

So I ask which is more important to you: a) timing your posts or b) running the social network?

If the goal is to spin the webpage, be as honest as possible, as interesting as possible; this is what it’s all about!

So, when they talk to you about the best hours to post, kindly smile, and hit the “Post” button.

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