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The best tip you can use in self improvement and self-growth


The best tip you can use in self improvement and self-growth

I know who you are, reader. I know what you live for. And I know you’ve heard hundreds of self improvement tips in your life. You listened to some tips from friends and acquaintances. It is necessary not to forget about society; it contributed to this too. It looks like you could use these overheard clues, but you’re waiting for something. This is because you don’t know which tip is the best. And that’s understandable because, as I said, you’ve heard too many tips.

Thinking about the best advice paralyzed you. And you can’t move. You think, “Maybe it’s better to read books? But maybe it won’t work?” or “Maybe find a coach? People say the coaches are scammers,” or “Maybe simply earn money? How Kiyosaki said….” 

So you don’t know how to behave. 

But I will help you! After all, I was in your place! I was lost just like you. And only after trying everything, I told myself, “I know what needs to be done! Oh yeah, I know the best tip related to self-development!”

Yes, today, you will learn the most effective self development tip you can receive!

Only this tip can help you break through any wall!

So that everything runs smoothly, I will present the plan for this article. Let’s start with the term self improvement. (This is what we need to come to an agreement, to understand each other whether we talk about the same thing.) And then, I will list the most effective tools and help you choose the smartest and most effective!

What is a self improvement: A few grams of history

Term self improvement or self growth, or personal improvement, means a process in which personality changes take place in you (change of beliefs, values, world views, habits). Our ancestors of wisdom, Socrates, Aristotle, and others, were concerned with personal development. In antiquity, however, personal development was assigned various labels—jargons. For example, Queen Elizabeth’s father, Henry VIII, had been a fan of an interesting self growth method called Mirrors for Princes. Mirrors for princes were on the advice list for wealthy and state leaders. This means that in the past, self improvement techniques could only be enjoyed by a select few but have spread over time to all angles, frequencies, and formats. In this way, ideas for self improvement fell into our hands.

What can you achieve with self development tools?

#1. Improve your life forever! And make friends with happiness.  

I tried to make friends with happiness for a long time, but I failed. As a prostitute, it spent time with others who were cooler than me. And I was able to seduce her only in 2013 after following the tip that you will learn in the next section. Only then did I tell myself, “I can finally see my changes!”

#2. Show the middle finger to harmful habits!

Thanks to science, it became clear what is necessary to replace habits with good ones. This requires using various self development techniques and tips shared by professionals.

#3. Balance life, health, relationships.

I remember times when I felt constant fatigue dragging me to the floor. It all depended on the food. But to start eating healthier, I had to change my habits. And to change your habits, you have to use self-help.

#4.  Understand what you want, find purpose and meaning, or determine your mission.

#5. Acquire more skills for success.  

#6. Stop cursing.

Answer do you have a friend who constantly swears? Swearing drips from his mouth like a vending machine. To get rid of profanity, they would have to change the vocabulary in their brains. This is not a one-day job. It requires constant self-control, which wise people call self-education.   

#7. Become someone that others admire.

I know there will be people who will oppose me. For example, your ex. Your ex won’t like it if I tell you it’s not wise to change other people. Since they didn’t know it, they tried to change you. Even though you said to them that they had to start with themselves, they didn’t understand.

#8. Improve career.

How to increase earnings and become successful at work? Someone will say that you need to find a new and better job. But I would advise you to increase your value. How to increase value? Learn the methodology of self development! Because how can you change if you don’t know how to change? 🙂  

#9. Become: Rich + gain confidence.

#10. Learn to respond appropriately to challenges and bad emotions.  

Learn to respond appropriately to challenges and bad emotions. We react to cold + heat, rain, and snow. We are especially angry when someone talks about us angrily. The world seems to fall apart in such moments, which is an illusion. After a few days, the bad mood disappears. But people forget about it. It’s necessary to wait. Even though we are aware of it, emotions still take over control. That’s why people around us get angry, argue, divorce, and are STRESSED. They should learn to control their emotions. This is only possible by working with the various tools listed in this article. 

#11. Learn to learn quickly and, change yourself, grow yourself as a personality.  

ONLY A FOOL CAN BELIEVE that there is nothing left to learn. Because you can’t learn everything and you can’t become a perfect person. Therefore, you will always have to develop. You can reach the highest level that no one has reached. But the rate of growth is entirely up to you. You can grow incredibly fast, but you need to learn self development to achieve the pace.

The best self improvement tip

We just talked about the goals you can achieve with the tips you received. And now we come to the tip.

The best tip is…

Oh yeah, you can sue me, get angry…

You can write me a bad review, but the best way to change your life is to love the culture of self development and find passion in it. 

Only by loving self improvement can you achieve something! 

Because if you don’t like to change for the better, you won’t achieve much…

Don’t get me wrong, only this tip can:

a) Change everything.

b) Save your butt from the unknown and wandering around! 

I know what I’m saying. I checked it myself.

After all, let’s look back, let’s turn back time.

Here I am, little… 

I think happiness depends on classmates. They are laughing at me…

Growing up, I used to think that happiness depends on financial success. 

And then I realized that I don’t like working with my personality.

But I met someone whom I envied for happiness. This person loved the culture of self improvement. He loved learning the secrets of self development and reading books on the subject. He was just curious, just like Einstein was interested in formulas and inventions.

“OKAY, I understand you! Because I also love self development. Therefore, I dedicate time to myself daily!” a reader will say. I have a question for this reader. Answer, how many hours do you spend on self development? 

“Once a week!” a reader will answer. And while laughing, I will say, “IF YOU WANT SUCCESS, YOU NEED TO DEDICATE AT LEAST AN HOUR EVERY DAY! At least two years in a row. And then you will be able to spend much less time! But if you don’t spend time, sorry, but you’ll be crawling through life like a turtle.

It means. 

At the age of 30, I was reading self-help books. I did that sometimes, so my changes slinked like an earthworm. And in 2013, I started working on my mindset every day. I have become an artist who is shaping himself from positive beliefs. 

And when artists created statues in their studios, I built myself with the best human qualities.

While the jewelers were refining diamonds, I refined my mindset to shine. 

Auto creation became my hobby, a job where I became a client for myself. 

And only then did I feel a marked change.

“But how to love self improvement?” you will ask. I have the answer. Do you think IT WAS EASY TO LOVE WORKING WITH MY MINDSET??? Stop kidding. Just realized that I can’t do anything without it. I realized that otherwise, nothing would happen. And I started learning by compulsion. But after a good three months, reading became a hobby. Meetings with mentors and coaches turned into a hobby. And then it became a part of me. And love came by itself. 

I’m sure someone will say that I am lucky because I found a good teacher, but the most important thing is: “I knew there was no other choice.” And if you look around, the most successful people in the world are the ones who love to work on a personality change. There is no other way. And anyone who writes online about self-help methods can still write about self help tools, but they are pointless when a person who doesn’t like to work on their mindset intends to use them. And if you love to work on yourself with all your heart, you will discover the ways yourself.  

Don’t you believe it? 

Then let’s do an experiment. I will immediately give you five self improvement tools; read on. And use them daily for at least three months in a row. Let’s start reading:  

Five self help tools recommended by professionals

1. Read books written by or recommended by psychologists.

I am grateful for the research done by psychologists, and psychiatrists, because now I know which books work! For example, one of these books is entitled “Feel good.” If it has been scientifically proven to work, why go against it?

Use a list of books offered by psychologists:

“Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman
“The Invisible Gorilla” by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons
“Influence: Science and Practice” by Robert Cialdini
“The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales” by Oliver Sacks
“Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely

2. Consult with professionals at least once a month.

Although we are talking about self-help, I still suggest checking yourself from the side. I’m not talking about the coaches “filming” from the back daily—but I do recommend asking you so that they make sure you are going in the right direction—that’s all. 

This is the least you can do for yourself. But I would be more severe with myself. Because when I needed a change, I hired a trainer to work for me four days a week. Because I wanted changes. And I managed to breakthrough! 

3. Use e-test showing what level you are at.  

There are free tests that psychologists have been working on on the Internet. For example, there are tests to help you understand what you are missing in order to be more successful in your business. You just have to look for them. There are also tests to help you understand how your personality is changing. 

By the way, together with psychologists, I created a test. Try it. It will show you the best features as well as upgradeable ones. The test is 100% free! All you have to do is register and use it! Link: 

4. Don’t forget a gratitude journal!

Hardly anyone expected that I would mention a gratitude journal in the article about self-development. But it is related. Understand, no matter what habits and human qualities you want to change, it would be good to feel happiness alongside all of this. Because when you feel good emotions, you will be more motivated to pursue your goal. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to fill your gratitude journal. Incidentally, scientists say that keeping a gratitude journal significantly influences your habits and is one of the best ways to experience happiness and fulfillment. It has been proven that filling a journal for the entire month (daily) promotes a good mood for several months! 

5. Find people who love a culture of self-development, and they keep you motivated; they will be pulling you behind them!

Imagine you know Alex Monaco. You are my friend. Imagine that you are taking my energy, my drive. Do you think it would stop you? No… It would inspire you to change. And you would feel that you want to be with yourself more and more, to work on your mindset because it’s a wonderful job. Only such people can bring change!


You just received five tools for self development. I’m sure they will only be used by those who love working on their mindset. If you are not interested in changing yourself, you will despise these tips. 

However, if this is your passion, you will follow these tips:

I’m sure not everyone will agree with my thoughts. I have advice for these people: Take out the best spots from my article—customize them for yourself! Create your self-growth plan! And before saying goodbye, I will say the most important thing: Mainly achieved by those who love to work on their personality. Oh yes, if you like to improve, you will achieve amazing things!

Let’s descuss!

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