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5 tips if your Facebook or Instagram audience isn’t growing (2023)


I have met people who have been trying to succeed on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) for several years and have failed. They want more followers, but they don’t have them. If you, too, fail to increase your followers, I’m sure that the text below will help you!

It took me a long time to figure out how to grow my followers, and it’s time to share some tips!

Man on a boat sharing tips if your Facebook or Instagram audience isn’t growing (2023)

If your Facebook or Instagram audience isn’t growing, use these tips!

1. Create content to SHARE, not just to be liked!

SCREW LIKES—shares are more important!

The more shares, the more effective your post will be and the more advertising you will receive. Why?

Likes serve to maintain existing followers, but shares are much more important than likes.

How to create posts that everyone would share?

Hear me out: most often, people share posts that reveal a truth that they themselves would like to express to their friends. By sharing that post with their loved ones, they hope that their loved ones will realize their mistakes and change or take some important action.

A wife hopes that her husband will start showing her more attention. To make him realize this, she shares a text on her Facebook wall to remind him of this. She herself doesn’t want to create a text because it would be too obvious. She wants her husband to understand everything himself, and someone’s post can help her if only she shares it on her personal account, which he sometimes visits.

Also, people share content they think will get the most attention on their accounts. Or. They share content that touches hearts. Women share images related to children and puppies, while men share images related to…

2. Focus on quantity + frequency!

Flood Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok with your posts and sensual content; don’t try to create the perfect posts!

What do I mean? Well, don’t try to do everything perfectly at the beginning of your journey! I.e., focus on frequency and quantity in the first step! You will improve the quality in the future!

To make you understand what I mean, I will tell you a story.

Once lived John. He wanted to become a cool influencer who everyone would respect because he creates the highest quality content that cannot be criticized. He didn’t share his thoughts on the Internet for nothing if they weren’t thought out vertically and horizontally. After working for a month and investing in fancy cameras and filming, he has FINALLY finished the perfect piece/post. Pressed “PUBLISH.” But there were zero reactions. Only the wind whistled, “Sssssswish…” Why didn’t John become a successful influencer? Because he wasn’t focused on success but on the desire to create a perfect post! He cared more about the perfect post than his followers. But what is the perfect post? How does it manifest itself? Is quality really important in social networks? That’s not all… John also had problems in his relationship. Although John’s neighbor had the potential to become his fiancée, the relationship failed because John didn’t pay her enough attention. It seemed to John that the date must be perfect. For that to happen, they’d have to meet at a restaurant, so he didn’t call her. He was saving money for a restaurant. In other words, he didn’t “warm” the relationship. And when you don’t warm something, something cools down. And if you don’t warm up your account, it gets cold too… Eh… Sadness… But that’s just how things are in the world. However, John had a neighbor—Alex. Alex was also a maximalist and was more concerned with benefiting people than with the product he himself wanted. So, Alex posted posts daily (even if they were imperfect and complaints could be found against them). Because he posted daily, after a while, he was surrounded by a hundred thousand followers! Because he was online all the time! Hophop!

In other words, if you post imperfect posts for 3 years, you will reach a solid audience. But if you only upload content when you like it 100 percent, you still won’t have followers to whom you could show your “perfect” content to. Do you understand what I’m talking about?

By the way, speaking of imperfect posts. Although 75 percent of the posts I PUT ON MY ACCOUNTS IN THE PAST WEREN’T PERFECT, some of them fired more than the posts I had polished to perfection! Oh yes, it was those unpolished posts that I underestimated but still posted just to “keep the fire burning” that later became my guidepost. Understand, those kindest posts were sincere because I failed to kill them with my perfectionist hooves. Unpolished texts always have more charisma, dear reader! And you polish your content like crazy??? I repeat, only about 25 percent of the content I posted on Alex Monaco’s social media pages I rated super good. And I put only crap on Instagram—an empty photo. But over 20,000 followers have gathered there! Instagram takes “consistency” even more seriously. If I posted content every day, I would get around 500 likes on each post. But after taking a break, I lost 60 percent of the engagement. But the point is, I tried Instagram and TikTok. I got 10,000 fans on TikTok in two months just because I was CONSTANTLY posting content. Among that content were extremely simple videos. And even though some videos are filmed on a banal black background, I managed to get attention. I got thousands of likes. Now you understand why you need to upload content daily, even if it’s not perfect.

Do you have nothing to upload?


Are you sure?

Upload my phrase (but be sure to write the author of the text—Alex Monaco). You can use any texts you find, but you must write where you got them from. Because I repeat: the most important thing is to “keep the fire burning.”

Upload a photo of where you go to work and write a caption: “Have a great working day everyone!”

Upload a photo of falling leaves with the caption: “As Alex Monaco said, trees striptease in the fall.”

There are tons of ideas; use them! And post every day!

“But, hey! I used all my photos…” will you say?

So what????

I once wrote a post (without a photo) on the Alex Monaco account wishing me a happy birthday.

This post got half the attention of the other post with a photo, but 50 percent of the attention is better than nothing, right?

What do you think about posting two posts without a photo to get as much attention as one post with a photo?

The same can be done on TikTok or Instagram. Just put the text on a white background. My students do this every day! And you? Don’t Stop! Attention: get me right; I’m not suggesting putting only bad posts on the Internet. I wish all content on the web were professional, but how will you learn to create professional content if you don’t create and post every day? Where will you gain experience if you sit idly by? So I repeat: a) start with low-quality content to gain more experience, b) after a while, you will feel the quality of the content improve. It’s inevitable. However, in order for this to happen, you must use the resources you have today, even if they don’t satisfy you.

3. Create and post posts even if only one person follows you!

Imagine you came home after work. You eat your meal. Suddenly you hear the doorbell—ding dong. You open it, and there’s a neighbor, “Hello!” You let him into your house. He would like a cup of tea, but you go to the toilet and the bathroom. You turn on the water in the bath to bubble yourself—splash, splash. But you left the guest alone! The poor neighbor… sits sadly alone in the kitchen. Would you do that? I doubt it! You are an intelligent person, aren’t you? Everyone knows that. You would never leave a person alone in sorrow. But answer, why do you act coldly towards the person who visits your social channel account? I get that you don’t want to waste time on a single follower (especially if you don’t like their profile picture), but all visitors are important—even those waiting for you in the digital environment! So if you only have one follower on your account, respect them! Because one follower is already an achievement! Write to them, write and write, and a second will appear, and then a third! Because the warmer you behave in your digital home (social account), the more often your followers will praise your account to their friends, “This person is so cool, come over too, I’ll send you a link!”

4. Experiment/change/look for an engaging style!

If you’ve already placed 600 posts, but the results are poor, it’s possible you’re stuck with one format. Over 90 percent of influencers create the same content year after year. And that’s a big problem. They should change the formats they use and keep looking for something new.

I know finding a new format is hard, but you can’t reach a larger audience otherwise.

Maybe you’re afraid of filming yourself, then upload other people’s videos to your account. And see how people react. It doesn’t matter if it’s not you; you’ll just see how people react to different content.

If you’re afraid of your voice and don’t want to talk on camera, be like Khaby Lame, who has amassed millions of followers without saying a word. If you are afraid to show your face—just record your voice… Try different styles, and you will find what your potential followers like the most! Only by experimenting was I able to achieve my wishes!

And if you are not successful… If you want to achieve more, find a social media coach. Not just anyone, but one with a desire to help in his eyes—find Alex Monaco, and he will show you what to do. Guarantee 100%. I’m just warning you; you’ll have to do everything I say. So, go ahead! Get in touch! My phone is on. The door is open, and the kettle is warming. Register for a consultation on my website here: (welcome to the “Social Networks Consultation Center”!).

5. Decide how many followers you need!

If you’re afraid of your voice and don’t want to talk on camera, be like Khaby Lame, who has amassed millions of followers without saying a word. If you are afraid to show your face—just record your voice… Try different styles, and you will find what your potential followers like the most! Only by experimenting was I able to achieve my wishes!

These were 5 best tips to grow your Facebook or Instagram audience. If you want more information about social networks and organic marketing, read more articles on my blog about digital marketing.

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