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Happy bastards

Do you feel unsatisfied with your life, work, or relationships? F!*k satisfaction! There’s something more than happiness and success. Break through the limits society has put on you. Discover a meaningful life, full of bliss and joy, experienced by happy bastards!

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  • Increase your human value without any plastic surgeries, a perfect body, money, or “success.”
  • Discover what a quality life really is!
  • Become a more respected person in all areas of your life.
  • Learn to create better goals and achieve them faster!
  • Change your life and become the person you always wanted to be!
  • Unlearn the Top Twelve beliefs that stop you from finding happiness and joy!

Who are happy bastards?

I have only met two happy bastards in my life. The first was a woman whom I met on Liberty Street, and the second was a man from the French Riviera.

Happy bastards have everything that the people you hate lack most. They are envied by millionaires who, although they have money, are still miserable (they don’t know what is most important). Oh yes, it was happy bastards that helped me climb out of an emotional hole—escape the rat race.

In 2013, I had everything a young person could want: a business, a significant other… However, I still felt an emptiness in my chest. But today, I have something others wouldn’t even dare to dream of!

And you, dear reader, what do you want? Are you unsatisfied in your business, relationship and daily life? F!*k satisfaction! There’s something more than happiness and success. And my mission is to help you experience it all, dear reader!

Happy Bastards is a radical memoir and self-development book written by entrepreneur, blogger, and life provocateur Alex Monaco. Alex looks you straight in the eye and tells you your beliefs must change if you want to experience real bliss. And while unflinchingly exploding the delusions we tell ourselves, he also gently guides you to a new, better narrative for your life that will grant you the sheer joy you never thought possible.

If you like hard-won wisdom, in-your-face advice, and doing instead of complaining, then you’ll love Alex Monaco’s best-selling kick in the pants.

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Oh yes, I’ve been observing you, dear reader. I could tell you a significant number of things about you. For example, you have some unrealized dreams. You want to start a new, authentic LIFE, but you don’t have the courage—something holds you back. And I know exactly what you must do. I know how to solve love, success, and happiness issues. After you do what I say, you will reach your desires. But I warn you; my words will be sincere, so they may offend. So I am asking, are you ready for the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable?