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Happy bastards

Happy Bastards is the most sincere, entertaining book.

Book happy bastards

I’m still working on this book(30% left), but I already know how it will make you feel! Oh yes, I’ve been observing you, dear reader. I could tell you a significant number of things about you. For example, you have some unrealized dreams. You want to start a new, authentic LIFE, but you don’t have the courage—something holds you back. And I know exactly what you must do. I know how to solve love, success, and happiness issues. After you do what I say, you will reach your desires. But I warn you; my words will be sincere, so they may offend. So I am asking, are you ready for the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable?

Are you ready for the most emotional journey in your life?

Let’s do it! Open the book and: 

✔️Find out what a quality life really is!
✔️Learn to feel good!
✔️Find out how I made love with fulfillment for the first time and after…
✔️Increase your human value without spending big money
✔️Stop skidding―throw off the rags of self-doubt.
✔️Create an environment that will keep you constantly striving for even higher results!
✔️Find out why your life lags and why it sometimes feels like you’re living by a 600×400 resolution.

This book has already become a bestseller. More than 25 000 copies are sold in Europe. 

About the author

Alex Monaco is a life provocateur, blogger (writing in 6 languages), and an entrepreneur with many fans on social networks (over 100,000 in different countries of the world). He achieved everything himself. Until age 34, he was in an emotional hole but managed to escape the misfortune (which proves that anyone can change, even if they’re over 30). Read about me here

I’ve good news for you! You can still become a happy person. I also have bad news. Your happiness can’t wait for Monday. Happiness is here, and it hurts more than you because you pressed it with your butt! Alex Monaco

Try the first bite of the book „Happy bastards„

Monaco, 2013. Night club. Eye-scratching luxury. Versace. Suits. All the “values” of the rich are messed up by a man wearing a white T-shirt and simple blue jeans. Although this man has neither Enrique Iglesias’ features nor Michael Jackson’s moves, all eyes are on him—on him and only him. Why? I present the evening’s, sorry—the universe’s magnet!

“Who is he?”, “Where is he from?” people whisper, and the thoughts tear my head, “I’ve never seen such a happy person! Where did this happy bastard come from? Where did he get so much confidence, relaxation? Maybe he knows something that’s even unknown to oligarchs?”

I’ve only met two happy bastards in my life. He was first. And the second was she—the woman I saw on Liberty Avenue. I don’t remember her face. I only remember the emotion. Mmmmm. Grace. Smile. Self-confidence. She put a cross on her cellphone. F*ck Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. She was with herself here and now—with coffee and apple pie. She had everything that the people you hate lack most. She was on time and in the right place. She enjoyed emotions that YOU, my reader, don’t even dare dream about but which I’ve already experienced and which you can achieve!

Oh yes, this book is about your personal journey to authenticity, quality life, and Everest of emotions 100,000 miles above happiness.

In the book awaits you:
✔️ The secrets of happy bastards (happy bastards I call those people who are envied even by oligarchs who open their hearts less often than wallets)—take your wings beyond standard mindset, finally!
✔️ Stories about windowman and Matthew with his apples. These stories will change your beliefs about relationships, success, and happiness.
✔️ A confession about how I made love with joy, fulfillment, and happiness.
✔️ A guide to living a quality life. Do you know what a quality life really is?
✔️ Uncomfortable truths about relationships, beauty, money, recognition, and goal-reaching techniques.
✔️ High-quality and effective motivation. Do you know what to do to be eager to achieve your goals? So that motivation doesn’t evaporate like smoke? 
✔️ Change, clarity, and happiness.
✔️A dose of positivity. My book will make you smile because in it I will tell you about my stupidest mistakes that made me the strongest person in the world (I am talking about emotional strength). Oh yes, I know how to laugh at myself, do you? What if you learn to behave the way you want?
✔️A kick in the ass to those who are lazy to move toward their dreams!

Oh yes, answer, do you want to become the person you always wanted to be? Then it’s enough to amateurishly dip your toes into life―use the shortcut to happiness prepared for you by Alex Monaco! Return back and you will find this book here!

… take IT by the hand and go!
Don’t hesitate over what may
just do it!!! I am talking
IT’s waiting for you!!!

Are you ready? 

Increase your human value without spending money, luxury accessories/items!

Find out what a quality life really is!

Stop skidding―throw off the rags of self-doubt!

Learn to feel good without using drugs and brain vibrators (synthetic substitutes for happiness)!

Create an environment that will keep you constantly striving for even higher results!

Find out how I made love with fulfillment for the first time, how I changed my habits and beliefs, and how I stopped being jealous and learned to love.

Find out why your life lags and why it sometimes feels like you’re living by a 600×400 resolution!

Oh yes, my book „Happy bastards” will change everything!


When you will reach your goals, side effects will emerge. You will be gossiped about. Some will say that you are a chitter. Others will call you lucky kiddo or even a lucky bastard because you’ve learned to feel good for no reason. But you will accept this “flaw” as a gift. Damn it! It’s better to be different than to live by the rules of unhappy people!