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Once I was asked to borrow a car: what happened next


One day my friend Vitalii called me. He offered, “Come and see me.”

It had been a long time since I had seen him, so I agreed, “Okay, I’ll be there in 30 minutes.” 

I jumped into the car. Vitalii lived in a dormitory.

Vitalli's Dormitory

As I walked in the door, I got the news that his brother had just gotten his driver’s license.

I congratulated Vitalii’s brother. I thought it would end with a handshake, but I was wrong. Vitalii’s brother said: “Alex, I have to practice, but I don’t have a car. Will you lend me yours? Can you borrow a car?” I refused. I didn’t want my car to become scrap metal.

I’m not saying that my car was expensive. After all, at that time (2003) I was just starting my journey into serious business. I was saving my pennies, so I drove a Reno.

The Reno 19 was the tool I used to drive to clients. And while some clients laughed at my car, I loved it. So I didn’t want to give it to some kid who might wreck it.

Let’s not forget that an organization called the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a study and proved that drivers between the ages of 16 and 17 are more likely to be involved in accidents than any other age group (study info).

Reno car

Knowing all this, I tried to redirect my speech. FAILED. Vitalii’s brother repeated again, “Lend me your car!”

“I definitely won’t give you my car. 100%! Don’t even try to ask again! No way!” I said.

What’s with the car lending craze? Why do I need problems?

Reader, do you lend your car to anyone? 

I didn’t want to either…

So I asked, “Leave me in peace.”


If only I had known what would happen next … … …


Vitalii’s brother repeated, “Give me the keys, I won’t break your car. 


Give me the keys. 

Alex, lend me the little Reno.  Borrow a car! 

Give me the keys… 

Give me the keys… 

Give me the keys… 

Give me the keys.


Do you hear me?! 


“I will not lend!” I replied for the umpteenth time. 

‘How stubborn!’ I thought, trying not to give in to his begging.

“That’s it, that’s enough—you won’t get it!” I said. 

Vitalii’s brother became upset and stopped asking.

And it seemed as if everything would end, but… 

He started demanding again, “Alex, give me your keys!”

So I get fed up. And I gave him the keys. 

Damn, his stubbornness worked.

Stubborn people always win. 

I also only won when I was stubborn. 

And if you’re not stubborn, you will fail in all of life’s activities, businesses, relationships, and… 

Here’s an example. 

Let’s say you’re trying to get your dream job at a company. You send in your resume and start waiting. But they say they don’t need any new employees or that you’re not the right fit. But that means nothing. Because you can apply for that job over and over again. Send your resume a month later, another month later. Because no one said you were written off for life? So you can try again.

This rule applies everywhere, even in large organizations.

I don’t even know which examples to choose… There are so many…  Do you know how many times Mike Massimino tried to become an astronaut? He was rejected three times.

Have you heard about José Hernández, who tried to get a job at NASA 11 times? Do you think he succeeded? Of course he did! They made a movie about it (“A Million Miles Away”)!

By the way, in my book “Soul Clothing” I tell how I got a job many years ago! They offered nothing. Besides, they said they didn’t need an employee. But I declared that I would not leave until I got the job. I know it’s an extreme decision, but it worked.

But enough about working for others. Let’s talk about the services or products that you, the reader, are selling. If the customer didn’t buy it, try again in a month! Try again! Try again! 

And if someone refuses to communicate with you, that doesn’t mean anything either. And while you may be written off, you can change that as long as you don’t write yourself off.

Remember, you only lose someone when they die. But if they are still alive, then anything is possible!

Oh yes, be stubborn, man.

Unfortunately, I rarely meet stubborn people. But it’s a pleasure to see them achieve their goals. They inspire me.

OH YEAH, I dream of people writing me letters every day just to be recruited. But people write themselves off. They think I need experienced people, but they are wrong. I need ambitious people who strive like fighters. 

There are many people who have confidence in themselves, but they cannot reach high positions because they lack a fighter’s mentality. And of course stubbornness, at least the kind of stubbornness that Vitalii’s brother had.  

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