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Ho to change your life in 1 month


I rarely publish articles of other authors on this website, but one visitor sent me a text that had helped him to change his life drastically. After reading it, we realized that it would be a sin not to share it with you. It is kind of an action plan that can change your life in 1 month. Let’s call it “Only 4 weeks”.

The plan is made of four parts – one for each week. So, let’s begin now!


1. Let’s Get Up Earlier, at about 6 a.m.

Suddenly, you find time for yourself; the time which is always so lacking during the day. Only silence and peace of mind. Your beloved ones are still sleeping, and you can dedicate your time only for yourself without any tension. This is the ideal time and a stress-free way to slowly prepare your body for the whole upcoming day, so that it functions at the full capacity. Laziness or reluctance to get up early is not an indicator of fatigue. Personally for me, it is just a sign that you do not want to live your life. Why do we have to get out of a warm bed? After all, the only things out there are: a gloomy morning, metro, traffic jam, your job… But what if you woke up and the first thought was: What a wonderful morning and a great day to be! Once you have started thinking this way, it would be hard to say your morning is not lovely, right? You can make your life greet you every morning with sparkling colours that will increase your willingness to jump out of bed, OR…

2. Healthier Food Choice

New ways of living require lots of energy from us. Your body is probably consuming a great deal of energy to tackle the lasting effects of alcohol, heavy fatty foods and sweets – the things we use to pamper ourselves every day. Each of us has a list of weaknesses that should be removed from our daily routine. You can choose a diet which seems acceptable and fair to you. I prefer a vegetarian one and eating raw foods. One thing I am absolutely sure of is that will immediately feel increased energy levels that will be sufficient for a long and active day.

3. Exercise

That’s my favourite task. I always repeat that ‘A healthy soul resides in a healthy body’. As we all know, moving your body is the base for staying healthy. So, in order to wake the life (and soul) in a tired body, it must be set in motion immediately. And feel free to do it the way you prefer and in a way that’s suitable for you. My options are: yoga, running, dancing. Try to move more and more every day. Try dancing in front of a mirror while preparing for work. From now on, forget about elevators and climb the stairs. Break a sweat in a gym. Things like Where and How just don’t matter!

2ND WEEK: ENVIRONMENT, Commitments and People Surrounding You
1. Let’s Clear the Environment.

Let’s throw everything out! Hiding things in a closet doesn’t count. Let’s clean every single corner, every surface of furniture and what’s under it, every closet, and every single area at home. Just think about it: every item not only occupies the space at your home, but also it steals the energy from you. Every single item, even the most insignificant one! Is it worth that? Once upon a time I was so interested in this theory that I ended up throwing almost all of my belongings to a trash can. Just leave objects that are really essential and necessary. Things that make you feel happy and inspired. Things that you really like. Pay attention to this: if you still keep the Teddy Bear that your beloved one gave to you 14 February 1999, and you are no longer together, these kind of ‘positive’ memories shouldn’t be beside you! Get rid of them without any consideration! You will immediately notice how easier it is to breathe. Especially, if you wipe off the dust and also wash the floor.

2. A Review of To-DOs and Commitments

Do you remember, how many years have you been planning to advance your English skills? And what about those promises to visit your aunt? And how many of the New Year’s resolutions are you still postponing for the next year’s list? Prepare a list of all those promises that you have made to yourself and others. Then, decide what to do with them. In fact, there are 2 options. The first is to keep your promise, the second is to give up and delete them from your list forever. If you, however, cannot remove the promise to visit your aunt, go and see her first thing tomorrow. Keep your promises, so that you don’t feel burdened with one’s own responsibility and dissatisfaction with yourself.

3. A Review of People Surrounding You

Terminate all connections with people who hold you back and depress you: those who constantly criticize you and are always dissatisfied with everything. Discontinue communication with ones sharing no common interests; those who are not the ones to learn from. And it is very important to learn how to leave and say NO. Allow yourself to be ungrateful, rude, crazy, or even a bastard, if that’s the price of freedom. Parents are an exception. In my opinion, it is necessary to strengthen, cherish and nurture the relationship with them, as difficult as it sounds.


1. Take Notes of Plans and Pursue Them

Do you remember the backlog? Did you take notes? Never leave these thoughts in your head. Take notes, make edits, add plans that make you melt with pleasure. Remember all the things you like and things you enjoyed in the past. Don’t forget not only to plan your work and money, but also the rest time and the time with friends or your beloved one. Also, the time for yourself (this point often is ignored). The magic is to have a plan you will be willing to follow eagerly. Write your own Book of Life! The one that would be interesting for you to read. Let specific deadlines and actions come afterwards.

2. A List of Impossible Dreams

This is one of my favourite exercises. It makes me more fearless every day I practice it. The point is simple: make a list of dreams that might never come true. So impossible that you don’t even dare to think they may come true. E.g., being the king of the world, or climbing Mount Everest when you are 89. Get rid of self-criticism and try to imagine that all the possibilities in the world are at your feet, you just have to snap your fingers. You have time, money, all the necessary connections, talents and skills you need. In this case, what would you wish for? For example, I made this kind of a list a year ago and all the impossible missions have just been accomplished. And I laugh at the fact that these modest desires seemed impossible a while ago.

3. Daily Plans

Every evening make a personal plan for tomorrow. Short, preliminary, whatever you name it, but a plan must be made. Before going to bed! It is really important. Even if you don’t remember it the next day, your productivity will increase dramatically. It’s been proven! And again, don’t forget to catch a glimpse of your global plans regularly. Ask yourself, whether you are moving in the right direction. Where exactly do you need to move? Are you moving at all? Why?


1. Try to Live a Little Differently

Start with the small things. Choose a different direction on your way to work. Try a café you have never been before to, or just visit a shop of something luxurious. Try a new sport. Experience something you have never done before. Whenever you flow with your daily routine, ask yourself: what can I do differently right away? It is essential to build a new habit of trying out new things actively. Give up the usual ways that set us on autopilot!

2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you have done your best completing the tasks of previous weeks, this has already been a huge step out of your comfort zone. From now on, we will move even further. We will face your biggest fears. Not only we will face them, but also we will overcome them! In this case, I support radical methods. Are you afraid of heights? Let’s go skydiving! Are you afraid of your boss? Let’s meet him right away and provide him with your new ideas. Are you afraid of meeting new people? Let’s visit a party that’s full of them. And forget about your old friends for a while, so that you don’t have an excuse or opportunity to hide behind their backs. That’s how people learn in a war zone.

3. Relaxation

Did you think that all we were going to do is work? Everything is possible when you take some time off! You must go outside, turn the Internet off, and do this all by yourself. Give yourself an honest feedback. What was that? How was it? What changes have occurred? How am I going to live afterwards? Something is awaiting for you halfway of this endless journey, and that something will exceed your expectations. When you add these simple steps to your life, you will feel harmony and sense of unlimited power within. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will discover a path that will show you the right direction. Later on, it will become your purpose. It may sound corny, but it’s true. That’s the world around us.

That’s all! What’s next? I know that it is hard to change without having someone (e.g., a coach, a teacher) supporting you. Therefore, you can make an agreement to do this with a friend or a family member. Sometimes people forget their purpose and need a reminder in order to move on. That’s where we come; let me remind you of your need to change. I’ll be doing this regularly if you follow my posts on a social network Alex Monaco. You will find out about ways to achieve more in your personal and professional life. You can use comments to make a resolution to follow this plan called “Only 4 Weeks”. And let me know about the progress. Good luck!

Thanks to Svetlana Pakrovskaja for the plan

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