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How to Change Life Till Christmas


There’s one super important thing that I realized a few years ago, when I was drifting down the river like a dog’s shit. first of all, it is really possible to reach any dream till Christmas, or even faster. How? I will explain it in one minute. Are you ready?

Imagine that post officer brings you a personal letter from the government. You open it and realize that there is a new law announced named “The law of happiness.” According to this law, you have to reach your dreams till 2017 Christmas… That’s not all. The law states that you will end up on a guillotine if you don’t achieve your dreams! So your time is running! Tell me, wouldn’t you try to change your life in such circumstances?

Unfortunately, no one is willing to pressure people to be accountable for their own lives, so they continue eating never-ending snacks and killing their young days by watching youtube! Alex Monaco, I don’t like Youtube!”, will say one of the readers while holding a warm cookie in his wet hands baked by his dearest mom…

There are millions of people searching for motivation in movies, articles. But motivation doesn’t help to reach big results… 

“Сommitment is much more important than motivation. Why? Motivation is temporary, it changes like the weather. You can’t forecast motivation, that’s why you need more reliable tools that guarantee a real life transformation.”

So, if you want guarantees life’s transformation in one month you should commit to something or someone. 


Sign the agreement with your neighbor whom you hate the most. In the contract include that if you fail to achieve your goal (e.g. to find the love of your life, become rich, famous or happy), you will dance naked in Times Square on the Christmas Eve. So how is my idea?

Do you know why the majority of people are not going to use my idea?
Answer Nr. 1: The fear of looking funny in front of millions is bigger than the desire to achieve their dreams.
Answer Nr. 2: They don’t have time for commitments because at this moment there’s a new Star Wars part airing on cinemas.

By the way. I’m curious. What will you do after reading this article? Are you going to look for more inspiration from Tony Robbins or Mark Manson? Trust me, NOTHING is going to happen if you continue waiting for new videos from Gary Vee!

“Remember: The difference between you and Gary is that he is fucking committed to many things and you are still not! He cannot disappoint his readers, viewers, clients, himself! He committed a long time ago, while you are still waiting.”

If you really want to achieve something greater, write down your dreams here (in the comments section below). Promise the readers of this article that you will become a good man, a very respectable person. Write down any goal you want, even if it sounds really weird (e.g. become the best porn actor) and determine a deadline for it. Sign with blood that you will do everything to reach your dreams!

Never forget: “Without your commitment today, your life will remain the same!”

I am Alex Monaco. I am here to wake your happiness! I am your loudest alarm. Follow me: facebook.com/axmonaco or instagram.com/alexmonaconet

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