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11 questions to create the most effective post (on Facebook)!


I have been working with Facebook and Instagram for over 10 years. I posted over 1000 posts and understood what works. To make my posts successful, I created a questionnaire. This questionnaire helps me reach a lot of followers without paying for ads. The questionnaire consists of 11 questions, which I will give you today!

Create most effective post

Oh yes, when creating a text or video post on your FB, INSTA or TT account, ask yourself:

1. How much edutainment and benefits are in my content and post?

Edutainment is content that teaches and entertains at the same time. Win-win. Such information spreads like a virus on the Internet because it provides multi-functional value. Guerrilla marketing professionals like to use edutainment. It’s also important to always ask yourself how much will the person who reads or watches my video gain? I know giving benefits is hyper-difficult. But I have done it. That’s why I always ask myself the following question when creating content, “What will viewers and readers learn? What problem will people solve after digesting my content? Will people feel that I care about their problems or not?”

2. Did I consider generosity marketing when creating the post? Am I a Scrooge or not?

Oh yeah, I do my best to make people say, “This Alex Monaco is insane! He made the longest article (or post) available again for free!” or “I didn’t get stuff like this for nothing, this content would cost a lot of money elsewhere!”

How do you know if you are Scrooge? Look at the promise you made to your readers. For example, if you promised 3 tips and gave only three, it means you are stingy. Once, I promised to share 6 tips, but I gave 7. There were people who wrote: “You promised only 6.” But a lot of people stood up for me. Because I was generous. Because I gave more than I promised. Others deliver less than they promise! Let them!

3. How many emotions will a person experience after seeing my post?

It’s hard to believe, but more than 80 percent of users use social networks for emotions. People want to feel/experience. Social networks are a bridge to “other worlds” that help users to forget everything after a tiring working day. Therefore, the more emotions you give, the more willing they will follow you. ATTENTION: if your message is about sad things, do your best to have some positivity at the end! The more different emotions a person experiences, the more they will remember you!

4. Will people want to share my post with their friends? 

Damn likes! The most important thing is SHARES! There were times I used to aim for the likes. It was childish. Only after a while I realized that there are many more important things. I have created content that has been shared by over 10,000 followers. These are the types of messages that provide the most benefit. Because if your content is not shared, your pages will not grow. Follow button is the king!

5. Does my post contain bait?

I wrote about it in my book! Stay tuned, DON’T OVERSLEEP amazing news for Tiktokers, Instagrammers and…

6. Is my post easy to read or understandable? Will people understand exactly what I’m trying to say?

The less time it takes for the “viewers” to understand you, the more success will visit you. Everyone loves someone who speaks CLEARLY AND UNDERSTANDINGLY!

7. Will there be anything to remember about you or your social post tomorrow morning?

For example, after watching “Titanic,” the audience remembers it for a lifetime, at least a few images. But what exactly will they remember after watching your video or reading your text? (The text is easy to remember when an image or color AX (solution) is “stuck” into it.)

8. Will people understand what makes me different from others, and will they feel my uniqueness, authenticity and sincerity?

9. Does my post have at least one accent that characterizes my writing style?

(For example, I use the phrase “oh yes” a lot. It’s my style.)

10. Will the person want to come back to my page?

Is there any continuity?

If there is no continuity, why return to you? If a person likes your style, they will want similar content. However, if you don’t have similar content…

11. Will my post surprise my followers or not? 

If you want to be a leader in social networks, you MUST SURPRISE. I know there will be naysayers, but I know what I’m saying. I’m not 16 anymore. I have tried many things. Or maybe I’m wrong?

Think about why you go to the cinema. What do you look forward to most when sitting in a movie theatre? And why do your friends like to watch new movies? And what movies do they enjoy the most? They only get excited about movies that make them say, “WOW!”

Some films amaze with their effects, others with the behavior of the actors. Sometimes the plot surprises you. “Titanic” also surprised the audience. Surprised with music, love, dedication… Mmmmm… Rrrrrrrrr….That place where DiCaprio drowned… Damn it, that place surprised millions. So, if you want to be a leader in social networks, know that you don’t need a lot of money. You don’t need nice DECORATIONS. You don’t need a high-quality video camera, a pretty face or money. But you need to SURPRISE. The more you surprise people, the more attention you will get. That’s why I’m successful; because I know how to surprise.

So, how are these questions for you?

Let’s descuss!

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