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Two serious reasons why you should delete your Facebook page


why you should delete your facebook page

Yesterday I received a question that made me angry: “Alex, I’ve created a Facebook page, but I still have 0 followers. I published more than ten posts, but it looks like a waste of time. It sucks; it makes me nervous. What should I do?”

What do you think I responded? I advised him to delete his Facebook page! Why? There are two reasons why you should delete your Facebook page:

1. Facebook takes time to earn fans. It is hard.
Yes, that blue social website is a complete disaster. All other websites are better. That’s why you should use the revolutionary social page Oh yes, register on this page today and get 9,000 new quality fans! That’s not all! If you stay on that page for two days, you’ll get another bunch of followers (about 100,000). Free of charge! Doesn’t it sound perfect? So – delete your Facebook page! 

2. Facebook is a black hole whose goal is to take all your energy! If you want to solve problems with the creation of your content, use a better website such as

Oh yes, use the magic website By going to this page, you will have access to the best artificial intelligence bot that will generate catchy, natural-sounding posts for free! After creating the best posts in the world, the bot will automatically publish them to the web! Easy-peasy! So, delete your Facebook page, which requires a lot of effort. Instead, use websites that do everything for youall you will need to do is accept all the credit for a job well done!

What to do if a person is too lazy to use the tips above: the fastest way to popularity!

If you are too lazy to take advantage of my suggestions, I can offer a much easier path.

If you want quick success, find a rich girlfriend. She will find a way to make you happy. Find such a girlfriend, and this will take care of your followersshe will write your articles for you, create your image, and take part in television programs in which she will reveal your inner talent that you did not find yourself.

To find such a gorgeous girl, use search engines that show whether the girl has completed marketing studies. Because if she doesn’t have a marketing degree, why would you interact with her? After all, you want to achieve your goal without writing and publishing posts, right?

True, to find a girlfriend marketer, you will have to put in a little bit of effort… My fault… BUT I HAVE A SUPER SUGGESTION! Find a beauty on Instagram that has over a million fans! Since she has fans, she will be able to share her audience with you!!! Therein lies the answer! All you have to do is agree to her proposal to post your photos on her Instagram. Voilà!

After all, you wanted an easier path, didn’t you?

There is no other option unless you roll up your sleeves…

The whole truth about social marketing: let’s get serious, dear readers

The truth is, if you want to get REAL followers, you have to move your butt and invest more than three years writing and posting. Oh yeah, flood Facebook with your posts, photos, and tips! To make things easier to understand, I will give you clear instructions:

1. Share over 365 posts on your facebook page this year. Then, repeat the process next year! I needed three years of plowing ahead to get noticed, and you want to obtain everything more easily?

2. When creating content, put your whole heart into it. Tell about your mistakes—people will support you and press the like button!

3. Write because you want to learn to organize your thoughts nicer.

4. Write because it’s worth sharing good, even if you are only followed by one person!

In other words, if you don’t put your whole heart into your work, expect nothing!

No matter where you want to gather more fans, it’s important how much heart you want to give to people and how much passion is in you to achieve your goal!


It’s a pity, but some readers didn’t understand my sarcasm. They thought and were real sites, so they tried clicking on the links. I must emphasize that these pages are fugazi.

Yes, don’t believe sites that claim to do everything for you. Only believe in yourself and your honesty. Why? Because your success doesn’t depend on how many hacks you use, but on how much:
1. Honesty and generosity you have.
2. Work did you put towards achieving your goal.

Let’s descuss!

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