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Steps To Develop A Winning Attitude In Everything You Do


Steps To Develop A Winning Attitude In Everything You Do

Trust me, if you develop a winning attitude or mindset, you will 1) achieve the most wonderful things, 2) become irresistible, 3) gain more positivity.

Many people will agree with me. I will share their thoughts:

Zig Ziglar quote

John C. Maxwell quote

Or maybe we are all wrong? Then why do Olympians become only those who believe that they can win?  

And let’s mention Kasparov. Why do you think he became a chess legend? I will not lie, he had talent. But what can you do with talent if you don’t believe in yourself? The following sentence would apply here:

Germany Kent quote

I’m convinced that many people in the world were able to defeat Kasparov. But they had problems with their mindset. Some of them had a loser’s mindset, so they stayed where they were. 

“Okay, Alex, I understand that winning mindset helps, but how do I get it?” a reader will ask. 

I have an answer. 

How to grow a winning attitude

There are plenty of techniques. Some work better than others. One is suitable for one category of people, and the other is suitable for others. So I will say: Let’s look at some of the most effective ways!

1. Find a teacher, coacher who knows how to reshape your mindset

Personally, I changed the most when I found a coach. When you have someone who cares about you, you don’t have to think about anything. He says what to do. I understand that many people are afraid, but this is one of the most effective ways. I remember how my way of thinking changed in a month and a half. 

My coach worked with me four days a week. It was the biggest test, but my mindset changed the most in those days. 

For those looking to find a coach, I have a note. Choose a coach or mentor who is successful himself. Successful people surrounded my coach, he had successful businesses, so I agreed to be his student. 

All other methods worked more slowly but also effectively. 

For example, one better and less expensive tool is biographical books.

2. Read!

Did you know that more than 70% of psychologists in America offer patients to read biographical books? Why? Because they have a lot of features. The heroes of the story inspire. Don’t forget about the movies. I was inspired by “The Karate Kid” and, of course, “Rocky Balboa.” Also, one of the best movies to watch every year is called “The Lone Ranger.”  

I realize you have a lot of worries and no time, but can you read one book a month? 

You would read 12 in a year!!!

One month may be devoted to a business book, another to be successful in a relationship, and so on. But you should start by understanding what attitude or mindset means. This means that you not only need practice—you need theory.

You can start from this one: “Winning Mindset: Elite Strategies for Peak Performance.”

“Yuck, what a boring book,” a guy who likes to hang out at a strip bar staring at a basketball game will say. I will support him. This book is as boring as a giant rock lying on a beach. But with a stone, you can overcome huge problems! That’s why I prefer to spend time on a boring book than on entertainment, but later I become a star because I will win!!!

By the way, I don’t receive money for affiliates! I’m advertising this book for free, so with a clear conscience, I will propose another book: “Why the Best Are the Best.” 

This book is not popular, but it is useful. 

Though the title doesn’t contain the word “mindset,” its themes deal with relevant questions.

That’s not all. In a moment, I will suggest one more book which is able to reshape your mindset. This book is perfect for those who want to earn more: “Rich Habits—The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.” 

There’s more…  

Check this book: “You Are a Gift.”

You are a gift book

My teacher often said, “This book is a step-by-step guide which reshapes standard attitude!”

3. Find your way, your method that works best for you!

If you want to achieve more than others, you have to be creative. Create the mindset change method that works best for you! I wish you strength, stubbornness!

Let’s descuss!

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