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A Career Opportunity For A Translator Who Is Not Indifferent To The Culture Of Self-Development


Half of the world reads this magical self-development website. Why only half and not all of it? Because so far, articles from are translated only into Russian, Polish, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish. But we want to increase the number of languages! 

We want to translate articles into Italian, German, Portuguese, and Bengali this year. 

So if you can translate into these languages—let me know! Write to me and my team will contact you! 

Know that more than one translator will be needed, which means if you missed it, an opportunity might still be waiting for you!

Employment opportunities (freelance or full-time job)

It would be great—marvelous to hire you full time. So if you have time and are a responsible person, and you like to translate the CHARISMATIC text (which is quite complicated), write here: 

However, you can apply if you have three or four free hours a day. This option is possible. 

A few things to note:

1) The position is long-term, full-time.
2) You can work in the office or online.

Long live self-development practices and positive things sharing! Contribute to the spread of positive thoughts! 

No matter where you are, in New York or Mexico, you can get this job!

The tasks of this self-help website are: Spread a positive attitude by sharing scientifically proven tools that help you achieve your goals, success, and happiness.

Let’s descuss!

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