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A Life Lesson I Will Remember Forever


Today Is the World Teachers’ Day. Congratulations to Everyone!

By the way, each year, I remember one powerful lesson I got from my best teacher—MOM. It happened on the 5th of October when I had to give a gift to my teacher to honor her for Teachers’ Day. My mom gave me some money and said, “Buy flowers for your teacher with this!”

“OK,” I muttered. I used the money for other things.

After skipping school, I bought a movie ticket with the money that mom had given me. I can’t recall what film I saw, but I clearly remember when mom found out I wasn’t at school. What do you think followed? She made me get into the car, and complete silence accompanied us all the way. We stopped to buy some flowers and then drove to the teacher’s house. I had to ring her doorbell, apologize. It was such a big embarrassment. Nevertheless, it was a super valuable lesson. I’m grateful to my mother for raising me so wisely! I received a Life Lesson I Will Remember Forever! THANKS, MOM! I LOVE YOU! And…

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