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Three best pieces of advice for bloggers and beginning writers


Today I wrote three articles. Three years ago, my hands were able to create only one article per few weeks. It was a painful and self-killing experience, but finally, a shortcut was found.

I will share pieces of advice for bloggers and beginning writers. I hope it will please those starting a blog or maybe thinking about writing a book.

1. Write from your heart—as if you were telling it for a friend

In the past, I’ve tried to present my thoughts in a way that sounded professional. But it took a lot of time. After a while, I decided to change my tactics.

“What if I would write as I speak?” I asked myself. And I tried; it didn’t work!

Because when you start writing, your thoughts are different from when you are speaking to your friend. So I put my pen aside.

I turned on an IC recorder. I started telling what I was thinking. And again, it didn’t work…

Then I called my friend and told him to ask me questions. I turned on my IC recorder and answered them. And then, I wrote down all the words from that conversation on a white sheet of virtual paper. A kind of conversation emerged in a warm voice. The text became charismatic, simple, and warm.

So when you tell something to a real person, things take a different turn. I called a friend to convey my thoughts to him for a while, and then I learned to record speeches on a voice recorder without a friend’s help. 

I grabbed a style by its tail and didn’t need a voice recorder anymore. Readers began to feel as if I was talking to them. 

I suggest you try it! You don’t have to post your articles online every day, but you do need to keep them warm, right?

2. Create an annotation to your article or meta description before writing

In the past, I started an article without knowing how I would finish it or what exactly I wanted to say. So it took me a long time. But I changed my tactics. I started writing annotations for each article.


What is an annotation (in my opinion)

Annotation is a simple description of a movie, article, or idea. With it, you can quickly understand what your masterpiece will be about. When an annotation is added to an article, the focus is on clearly communicating the key concept in the description and responding to the question given in the article.

Annotation always helps because you know exactly what you want to write about. It’s very important! 

3. Laugh at yourself more often and don’t try to be perfect 

In the past, I have tried to write in a way that charmed readers with my world, writing style, etc. In addition, I was afraid that my image would not collapse. I really wanted people reading my article to think that I was an educated and intelligent person. But I’m not a genius or very smart, so it took too long to try to prove that I’m brilliant. So I decided to put aside my wish to be better than I was at that particular moment. I began writing in such a way that there would be something to chuckle at, maybe even from myself. I started sharing things about my minuses, flaws, and challenging experiences. In this way, I stopped being afraid of making mistakes and became freer. For example, you can write a text about you failing to write. Write about how difficult it is. Ask people for help. This way, people will feel that you are real. They will feel your heartbeat, and you will find a bond. Basically, the best writers are those who create a bond with their readers, right? Or maybe I’m wrong 🙂 Anyway, I’m not perfect 🙂 (I can’t know it all.)

Let’s descuss!

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