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Christmas greeting: I wish you happiness, joy and fulfillment! 


On this Christmas Day, I wish you happiness, joy, fulfillment straight from Monaco.
Warm events were held today in Monaco. And the evening was crowned with apple pie from the Le Bar Américain restaurant, which I absolutely adore.
True, it was raining out here, but it didn’t dampen my spirit! Because I spent a lot of time learning how to control my emotions. It’s, I think, one of the most important things a person can learn. Have you heard what emotional incompetence is? That’s how it works: if a person understands how to manage their emotions, their days will be amazing, and they will feel great even without Christmas!

It’s what I wish you on the occasion of Christmasto become a person who knows how to manage emotions, even if it’s raining with problems on Christmas Day!

Wish you happiness!!!

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