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If you want to create something big, you need a team!


Today I work on an article about success. But, I always write in my native language – not in English so you could never read it. BUT thank my angel, who helps to translate my thoughts into the English language. Without her, I could do zero English articles. She more than helps me. She saved my ass about 1000 times already. So we are not just a team – we are something bigger. So I repeat again: If you want to create something big, you need a team! 

For example…

Do you see this photo?
Alex Monaco team

So I didn’t do this photo by myself (I am not so fast)!

Without a team, you will do nothing. I believe in this 100 percent. Even this website was created working with the team. Of course, I created the design of this site by my hands, but I am super bad at programming. So, I will repeat it again, my all projects I created were successful only after I created a good, responsible team.

When I look for new team members, I check if team members adore responsibility. This is the main thing.

Because if you work with irresponsible people, you will stack! Responsibility is the best trait I love and appreciate in humans!

Let’s descuss!

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