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Is it worth distance yourself from bad people?


Today I saw this quote on Instagram:
distance yourself from bad people
I often see similar recommendations on the web and disagree with such quotes. I believe it’s selfish to distance yourself from bad people. Anyway, if it’s 100% true and you know someone really bad, you should distance yourself. Of course, you need to be careful in extreme situations. But in other cases, who else can help bad people if not you? Who will inspire them to stop lying? Who will drag those people up? Imagine that you offer to a teacher of some school to run away from lying people! Do you really want teachers to run from small kids who often lie to others??? Professionals should not—because they are pretty strong and can withstand any pressure from the naughty little kids.

Something strange is happening in society. Nearly everybody offers to distance themselves from problems, pain, bad emotions, and so on. Let’s face it; all this stuff makes us stronger!

I know some people will not understand what I want to say, so I wrote a special article about why I believe it’s not worth distancing yourself from any people. Read “Why you shouldn’t run away from difficult people.”

Let’s descuss!

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