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Honest conversation about relationships


We had coffee with a friend. We had a charismatic honest conversation about relationships. I have what to say about it.

You see, there were times when I was sad because I didn’t have a loved one. I thought happiness would come only after finding that wow person to meet my needs. But it was an illusion. Because when I found a girl, I had to face stressful situations, jealousy. Attention! It’s me that was jealous, not her! It was me who clamored and created storms! After all, I thought I would become happy… although my girlfriend hoped for happiness but received only unfulfilled expectations!

Therefore, for those who want happiness through relationships, I have a pretty strange piece of advice… Sometimes it’s wiser to get a dog. And it doesn’t matter that sometimes a dog leaves poop at the door; it still causes less trouble than the other half. (I hope my text forced a sarcastic smile.) Get me right, it’s not bad to have a life partner, but it’s foolish to be sad because you still haven’t found one. If you are unhappy, you will become a dull person, and nobody will want to be friends with you! So enjoy your life! Take care of yourself! Prepare yourself for a wise relationship where respect will be mutual! And don’t forget your friends + parents because you are NOT ALONE!


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