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Flashback: How I Started My First Business


20 years ago, a misfortune happened. I played guitar in a band, and I pulled up my arm. It changed everything. Playing was my passion, but it crashed to pieces because the doctors couldn’t help me😞. Since I couldn’t play anymore, I had to figure out how else to get paid. Back then, I liked drawing in Photoshop. So I thought about creating websites, logos. Perhaps I’ll succeed? But how? Where to start? I had no money for the company, so I started living off freelancer bread. But it was difficult. I asked my friends for help, “Could you ask your friends, maybe they need a website? I will create it for free!”

Many times I wanted to quit because nobody wanted my services. Hell, when you’re unknown, it’s insanely hard for you. Even now, the skin trembles, remembering how hard the first three years were. Once my brother said, “Look, I found an outdated website. See, here’s the phone number. Call its owner. Offer to update his site.”

I was afraid to call, but I needed money… I dialled the number with a shudder. This is how I received an order to update a website— So gradually, I got my first, second, third order and realized that I could start a business! 👨‍💻But it took 10,000 LTL to start a business in those days. I didn’t have such an amount of money. I went to England. After saving my money, I went back and created LTD.

Initially, the company employed two, then three employees. And then I received orders from Monaco, USA. I have worked with Monaco Fine Arts, Pivot Capital Fund and other foreign companies.

Later my goals changed. I sold my company. And the best part is that the company lives on. It’s currently called “Adface.” (Internet address: And it’s wonderful! It’s good to know that someone else is continuing the path you started!!!

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