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Today, I will work on SEO: How I will get on the top of Google search pages


Each morning Google Search Console is opened on my computer. Today is no exception. Because obsession rules me—I want to get more than ten thousand viewers each day. But it’s super hard. Maybe Google search engines banned me for something?

Although my website is updated each day, it’s still not in a high position.  

Right now (and all month), my website is getting only around 50 impressions a day and one click. It means only one reader finds me on the Internet per day. (Some of the days, no one.)
google searche console results self-development

Someone would be sad…

…because it sucks when things go slow. 

But SEO engine is capricious… you have to spend a lot of time on it as with the person you want to build a long-term relationship. So slow growth is not stopping me. The strongest belief is inside me that it will be solved. Maybe not in a month or half a year. But in the future, many people will come to this website. Millions of people will read my articles and will be inspired. For this, I need three things. 

Three things that can guarantee success:

1. Obsession
Obsession helps to focus on a goal. If you are not obsessed, you can have a guide, but it will not work. Because if you don’t have passion, you will create reasons not to work on it. By having an obsession, you can’t forget your aim and mission, so open the computer’s lid and proceed with your project! 

2. Believe and hope
If you don’t have belief and hope, you will stop.

3. Time and patience
It’s not hard to reach something in a month. You can change habits in one month or… But for huge projects, you need a lot of time, sometimes five or even ten years. Patience is a must everywhere. Look around. Successful people are those who understand the importance of patience. 

Oh yes, obsession, strong belief and patience are inside me. So today, I will work on SEO with all my heart, with two hands and even legs. 

And I will do it tomorrow, and after tomorrow, and after one year. 

As I had already invested two hours into my SEO project, I decided to eat something.

Today I have a lot of work waiting. So I will proceed after my pleasant meal. It’s waiting for me.

By the way, I love Mozzarella Burrata!
Buratta nice france


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