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How to Respond When Your Ex Bad Mouths You


Today one of my readers asked, Alex, how to Respond When Your Ex Bad Mouths You?

How do you think, what was my answer?

My answer: Be better than anyone who is gossiping about you. Be noble and strong because humility is power!

Man thinker

Oh yes, don’t act as they do to you, and your worth will be doubled, tripled! You can’t imagine how shocking it will be for your enemies when you give them in return a bouquet of good emotions! They will not be able to understand what is happening! They’ll start to think they were wrong about you! They will not be able to believe that it’s so! Why do I suggest behaving better than your enemies?  

There are two reasons: 

1. You don’t need negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are killing your dreams and health. 

2. Learn to accept criticism, even when it’s harsh.

For example, if your ex states that she can’t remember anything good about you, you can answer, Are you saying that you can’t mention even one good thing about me? You don’t remember what good I did? You said strongly. I really thought I was a good man… But I’m not angry with what you said. I’m grateful because you opened my eyes; I understood my mistakes. I have a huuuuuuge desire to become a better man! And it’s best that I can see my mistakes. Because only by seeing your mistakes can you change!

Humility is power

Or maybe you want to take revenge on those who are gossiping about you or try to revenge you differently? Then revenge them! Waste time like some kind of a goat! But remember: The strong is not one who defeats the enemy but who inspires the enemy to become a better person.

If you don’t forgive your enemy, you will remain a person who still has enemies.

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