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How to wash a soul


Today I saw a starving pigeon in Boulevard Gambetta (Nice, France). It was sticked to concrete, shaking like a leaf, who seemed in a moment to be ruthlessly blown away by a strong wind…

pigeon in Boulevard Gambetta

It looked like a starving person living (or working) in a shitty place full of problems but still trying to look like everything was okay. I don’t know why this pigeon was doing it in the rain. Around me were no other pigeons. Maybe it got lost?

Or… Maybe pigeons are washing in such a way or… Perhaps somehow they are washing their souls in this way… 

Anyway, in 5 minutes a pigeon flew away to other pigeons under the roof.
pigeon on the roof

It’s interesting to see how living creatures act in different life situations, but it looks to me that we are all similar. Once I saw how a man was washing his body with a metal sponge.

Sponge to wash a soul
And what we, people, should use to wash our souls? Maybe sharp problems, experiences, difficulties?

Let’s descuss!

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