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I present a list of bad rules of life.


I’m not new to this world. After many storms, shocks I experienced, I’ve learned that there are three rules that unsuccessful people use. 1) They follow the goals society created for them; 2) They blame others when something goes wrong; 3) They have an “I can’t” attitude. By using these rules, they limit their possibilities.

That’s not all. There are many other rules. Unfortunately, I must admit that sometimes I follow these rules myself.

For example, I used to use a rule of life called “The most important thing in life is to prove your truth. Therefore, it’s essential to do everything possible to prove your truth to your interlocutor!” I made love with this rule—in the mornings, along the days, and evenings. As soon as someone contradicted my thoughts, I began to tear myself apart like a goat. But as you know, there are more important things in life than proving your truth to others, so every time I use the above rule, I feel like a weak person, unable to control emotions, keep words to myself. So I decided to change. And to keep everything professional, I started to write down all bad deeds on paper. I opened the doc file.

While filling it out, I noticed the pattern of behavior—rules that should not be followed. After putting them in one pile, I named the file “Lusers rules.”

And today, I decided to share this file with you. Oh yeah, here’s a list of bad life rules, “Lusers rules.” Bad rules of life that you should avoid this year: Losers rules.

I believe that those who know bad rules have more chances to get more results from life. So print these rules—learn them!!!

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