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I created a New Year Motivational Poem.


Today is the 26th of December, but I already hear New Year’s steps—it appears unstoppable. Feeling this, I took out a pen, and… a text was born. Someone will call it a poem, but I’d call it a heartfelt greeting, possibly even a “confession!”

New Year Motivational Poem

When the New Year comes knocking on my door,
Looking in the mirror, I will ask myself:
Dear human, be honest and answer,
In 2021, how many good deeds have you done?
How much attention have you demanded, and how much have you given away?
How many times have you said “I’m sorry,” and how long have you been mad?
How many times have you embraced without waiting for the initiative of others?
How many times have you allowed your heart to open?
Or maybe you were more likely to open your wallet?
How many people have you written off because you didn’t dig deeper into their suffering?
Are you truly tolerant, or are you just pretending?
How much confidence—honesty is in you?
How many double standards do you hide under your armor,
Avoiding confrontation with yourself?
And how much have you done for the country, your homeland?
I’m still not the kind of person I could be!
2022, on the other hand, I feel, will be more significant!
Because I see my mistakes and it’s most important!  

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