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The New Year Has Come: Plan Your 365 Days, So You And Your Loved Ones Could Be Proud Of You!


Plan your 365 Days

Congratulations! The New Year has begun. You received 365 days. Answer: What are you going to do in the next 356 days?

Or maybe you haven’t had time for planning? Have you heard the phrase, “A man without a goal is like a bird without wings!”

So I remind you to devote quality time to your plans. Plan your 365 days! Plus, I’m not only offering you to make plans—I suggest implementing them.

I know it’s harder to make plans than write them down, but that’s life. Here you have to decide if you take the wheel of life into your own hands or give it to your destiny. 

The interesting thing is that there will always be problems no matter what route you choose. There is no other way. Of course, the least problem is when you play it safe at home and do nothing. But then life loses its meaning.

So, choose:

a) Do nothing and stay home. (But even in this situation, you will have problems. For example, your refrigerator can break, or electricity can go off; for a Millennial, it’s equal to death…) 

b) Plan + pursue a goal and face enormous challenges so that in old age, you could look at yourself in the mirror and say, “My Life Was AMAZING! Oh yeah, I can’t even imagine how I managed to do so many astonishing/powerful things!”

Let’s descuss!

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