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Six Life-Changing Questions To Ask Yourself Every Sunday


Today is Sunday, January 9. A new week will begin tomorrow. Answer, have you already planned it? 

Yes, I speak to you to a person who has dreams and desires!

I know you’re a busy person and rarely take time for serious goal planning, but you can do it today! Oh yes, take the time to answer the questions I have prepared for you!

Questions to ask yourself every Sunday to prepare for the new week: 

  1. What will I do this week to get closer to my goals?
  2. What will be my actions to make my close people feel my attention? 
  3. What would I allow myself to do in my mind and life if anything were possible?
  4. What would I allow myself to dream about if I knew it would happen?
  5. What if now three dreams would come true immediately? Which ones would I choose?
  6. What would I do if I was 100% self-confident?

Life results mainly depend on how much time is spent on achieving goals—dreaming and planning alone are NOT ENOUGH! So don’t be a dreamer—be a performer who clearly knows his/her goals!

Let’s descuss!

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