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What book I suggest to read this year: Review of a book “Stillness Is the Key”


As you can see, last year was full of chaos.🤯 And you don’t have to be clairvoyant to say this year will have a charm. Look at the headlines on news portals. So we will have a lot of exciting storms, “surprises,” tests, etc., but the point is: The mood of people around you will change so often that sometimes you will want to run away—press the “restart” button and immerse yourself into the moment (with your whole body). There’s nothing wrong with it. Unplugging out from chaos is great, but it’s not easy. So a question arises, “Why the hell is it happening this way—FOR THE HEAVEN’S SAKE, where to get at least a little peace?”

You will find the answer in a unique book, “Stillness Is the Key.”📓 The fascinating fact is that the book’s author is a man who managed to achieve his goals. By following his own advice, he earned both $ and spiritual peace. He matured a vision. He hustled, and in the meantime, he didn’t forget to rest! Great fellow! The book beautifully and artfully explains how inner silence can intertwine and multiply your success x10 times.

Oh yes, this book is one of my top recommendations, backed by thousands. It’s enough to look at the ratings—they are “terrible.” On Amazon, this book is rated 4.7 out of 5, although 2,520 people voted for it. As you can see, this is a terribly good rate. And Goodreads voted 14,617 readers very favorably (4.24 out of 5). Few receive such a good rating. In other words, not only Alex Monaco finds this book remarkable, unique, charismatic, and adapted to current times, although the book’s design suggests that the book is outdated. I’d do another design, but in this case, let’s not judge a book by its cover!

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