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Self-development Article About Memento Mori Calendar


Today my new article was finished about a tool which I call “A calendar of life that will save readers from misleading goals!” Others call this tool “Memento mori chart,” “Memento mori calendar,” or even a lifetime spreadsheet.

If it were possible, people would get this calendar tattooed on their bodies, but to fill it, you would have to go to the tattoo artist every week. 

I suggest you delve into this tool which may help:

Live your life to the fullest.
Focus on your dreams.
Bring happiness, because you will not forget about your favorite things.
Live a rich life.

Memento mori provides the realization that life is not eternal, which gives wisdom and… 

But enough talking about the article, better read it: Use a memento mori chart, and your life will change.

Let’s descuss!

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