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Social development vs self-development


Today, with my mentor, we were debating the social development theory. I know that this is not a very popular topic, but it’s vitally important in life. You see, reader, self-development has become immensely popular in recent decades, but little is said about social development. Therefore, I have a suggestion for you—the person reading my words: spend more time on this subject! Because it will give you power!

“What power?” a reader will ask. I will answer.

Understanding the processes of social development will enable you to take steps to ensure that society and the values it supports do not harm your quality of life. Additionally, you will be able to influence changes in people around you. I’ll give you an example, okay? Remember your friend (or family member). The one who constantly complains! Do you know what needs to be done to stop those complaints? After all, it’s not enough to say, “You know, you complain and complain, stop it!” Yes, criticism doesn’t work! However, there are methods by which you can help such people. But for that to happen, you need to know social development tools, methods, and…

How self-development differs from social development.

Social development is when changes in a person’s personality are influenced by the environment, and self-development is when your changes come from inside (changes might be good or bad). Unfortunately, few are able to change from within (by using self-help); as a result, it’s necessary to yield to external circumstances that, sadly, mislead the individual—directs him towards empty values and superficial life goals (entertainment, pleasure, and hedonism).

In other words, social development structures (TV, webpages, social media, conversations with others, advertising on the streets) affect us every second we are online. That’s why many people who devote a lot of time to self-development practices continue to fall victim to social development.

Let’s descuss!

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