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Time to exit the system: Don’t be a puppet


Today I found text, I wrote many years ago:

The hands don’t seem to be listening. Apparently, experts tied my hands—impossible to move. But I’m still trying to break free. 

“Hope is the mother of idiots,” you will say, but when your hands are tied, all you have left is hope. When I dig, my heart tightens. Not only once or twice… Time is running out, and I’m not 19 anymore… I take some time to rest… I get to work again. And rest. I’m not even 30… But I manage to break the first rope… second… The third is tied to my left arm, the fourth to my shoulder, and the fifth to the tip of my lips. Mission accomplished. Hasta la vista…   

I look up so that even my neck hurts. Up there, I can see a grimace of the emerging silhouette, still trying to pull on the loose ropes I just freed from. I was able to exit the system earlier, but I COULDN’T—I didn’t know I was a puppet. When you don’t know, everything seems okay to you… 

(Alex Monaco, 2013)

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