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An experiment: Which city on the French Riviera is the best? The seventh day in Antibes  


I’m doing an experiment. My goal is to find and decide which city on the French Riviera is the best—where I would like to live longer. So I started with Menton. I lived there for a month and moved towards Antibes. I have been living in Antibes for six days.

It was raining for three days when I moved to Antibes. All the time. But the wet streets give this city even more romance. Plus, it was Halloween. Due to bad weather, I was not on the street very often, but it’s possible to see the nightlife from the balcony very well. That’s why I say, in autumn and winter, the youth here would be sad. There is an older audience that gathers here than in Menton. Only Menton has far more seniors and boomers overtake Antibes. 

The people here are not related to the city nearby (I’m talking about Cannes). The people of Antibes are more honest, as is the city itself. This city is not trying to trick you. Everything here is straightforward and real, covered with stones and small ancient buildings on the coast. If Nice is very dynamic and direct, Antibes is romantically bitten. There are not as many palm trees here as in Menton (though it does have one street lined only with tall palm trees).

The great thing is that there are very few American brands in the old town and surrounding streets. At least I didn’t notice them—they are absent in the most prominent places in the center! But it’s great because tourists are bothered by haunting brands. Why should one see Mcdonald’s ads while on vacation in another country? F*ck Mickey D’s long hands!  

The coast is not very beautiful anymore (like Nice, Menton, Saint-Tropez) but has its own charisma that I have not seen anywhere. 

True, the food is just fantastic… At least I received the best dishes. 

These are just a few notes. Over half a month is left to get to know and understand this city with an edge of my heart. Because a month is too short a period of time to understand the culture. Follow my blog, and maybe… you will learn more! 

Let’s descuss!

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