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Who is guilty of a failed relationship—a man or a woman?


I spoke to one of my readers today. He was complaining about his woman. I will share the thoughts I laid out to him: 

I didn’t tell anyone this, but listen… I used to think that my ex was to blame for a failed relationship. But… Later I realized what happened. I wanted her to say the word “love” more often, but I hid my feelings myself; I was afraid to get hurt. I wanted to receive more respect, but I didn’t know how to give it myself. I was hoping she would change, but I didn’t want to change myself. I thought I was perfect. I wanted her to listen to me, but I spoke myself without letting her intervene. And there is nothing strange about it… Because modern culture encourages selfish behavior. After all, everyone says, “The most important thing is that you would be fine.” So, by believing in public statements, I became a selfish person. Yes, you have to care for yourself, but don’t forget that others want the same. So be more careful with your judgments. Because a good couple shares a 50/50 responsibility… Either way, I respect those who admit their mistakes. Being able to admit your mistakes is a sign of maturity.

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