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Why is it difficult to change your mindset and how to do it!


Why is it difficult to change your mindset and how to do it!

I once considered tearing down the wallpapers in a home I purchased. Underneath them, I discovered another—green ones. While peeling them off, I found the third layer. Layer after layer. Layer after layer. The layered wallpaper reminded me of beliefs and habits that I’d like to eliminate from my brain’s walls. After all, our personality also needs to be repaired/maintained sometimes like a house? So I tried to scratch them off. But there were too many layers. For example, scratching one belief, after doing so, you will find another, acquired ten years ago, and after it is a bundle of beliefs that you believed in your childhood. Beliefs are here today because we—humans—are afraid of tearing beliefs out of the brain’s walls. Some are lazy… And others fear losing their identity. Such people justify themselves, “What will be left when I get rid of all beliefs, habits? I have nothing else left!“

But what’s the point of your identity if you’re filled with emptiness and dissatisfaction inside your heart??? Or what’s the point of your identity if you are not honest? Oh yes, I believe it’s not about your identity and exclusivity but how honest you are. The more honest you are, the better! 

How to change your mindset?

If you want to change your mindset, you should give up the old version of yourself; the goal of your beliefs, identity, values ​​and superficial goals—should not be to create a unique mindset, but… 

Oh yes, since there are so few sincere people nowadays, sincerity HAS BECOME A RARITY AND A LUXURY FOR WHICH ONE MUST BE MATURE!

I hope that you understand.

Understand me well, when I was feeling very bad (in 2013), I had to change myself. And in order to change yourself, you must give up your identity. Because everything is connected, if you hold your identity with your hands and feet, you will not be able to change your character or mindset. 

“Yes, you are right! One may not need to lose their identity permanently, but giving up an old identity for a new one would be great!” a reader will say in a wise voice but will not take action to change. Even if this individual wishes to improve their attitude, they will continue to layer new beliefs on top of old ones, as if everything is OK. But it doesn’t make things any better; we carry everything in our heads—all harmful habits. We take everything with us on vacation to another country, it’s why we don’t change, even if the job changes. Even if you find the other half, your old mindset will remain. And a source of all problems is in the wallpapers that stick to the insides of our brain’s walls.

The exciting thing is that many people understand it, but it’s not easy to distance yourself from two-legged cockroaches, who constantly are trying to mess up your thoughts. We will talk about them right now!


Cockroaches love finding out, for example, how much you earn. They distract you from your true values, asking, “You have wrinkles on your face; you need plastic surgery.” 

Cockroaches start to f*ck your mind when they see your car. Looking at your transport, they ask, “What year is it?” When they find out about your new job, they explain, “Haha, you can get a better position as this one is like working at Mcdonald’s.” 

Cockroaches have seen a lot of TV ads. Therefore, they created a vision of which people deserve respect and which do not. Based on it, some label you “too thin,” others label you “too thick.” Cockroaches are damn attentive. They see all your clues that are visible to their naked eye. They find these clues on your face.

Let’s descuss!

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