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How to escape from your daily routine


How steal yourself

Once, a friend named Don offered to take me to the city center. It was nearby, so I agreed and got into his car. However, he unexpectedly changed directions and took the highway.

“Stop!” I shouted, but he simply started laughing and hit the accelerator. I was angry about his behavior. I asked him to turn back.

After an hour, we were 200 km from my home, near the sea. And… it was wonderful!!!

I still remember the bright moon that unforgettable evening. I am still thankful to my friend Don for having sequestered me that day and distracted me from my daily routine. You see, in those days (which was over ten years ago), I was a real snob. Fact: I certainly would not have gone with him if he had offered to drive me to the sea. However, he did not offer. He just brought me there—by kidnapping me.

“Yes, he was a good friend; he surprised you!” you will respond. I agree with this opinion. Nevertheless, I will ask you a question, reader. Answer, when was the last time you kidnapped your friend or loved one for a trip to the sea?

“I once tried offering my friends to go on a trip! They refused!” you’ll shout…

I have some advice. Stop ASKING! It’s time to TAKE ACTION!!! 

Steal your sweetheart! 

Steal your friend!

Steal your father, mother!


Steal them all at once! Regardless of whether they have to go to work the next day, just do it, no matter the circumstances! Leave in the evening and return before work! Life is short—it’s worth being playful with it!

You’re afraid of stealing people? You’re afraid of acting spontaneously? Do you pee yourself from fear like a bunny? F*ck all doubts! Do you understand that because of your beliefs, the people you care about will continue to rot in front of computer screens?

That’s not all. My message is not only about others; it’s about you and the mission you’ll receive in a few seconds.

How to steal yourself from your own created prison: escape from your daily routine

I know that stealing yourself from yourself is not easy because you have a lot of stuff to do, like working on your goals… But the paradox is that the goals you try to achieve have become an excuse not to go to the sea! Isn’t it silly? So, please, I am begging you – take a trip! Drive to the lake alone! Drive to sea alone! You don’t have a car? Buy a train ticket! Don’t have money for a train? Rent a bicycle!

Yes, steal yourself from your ordinary routine!

Steal yourself twice a day!

Steal yourself three times in a single hour!

Steal yourself from the chains of routine! (for the rest of your life!)

Steal yourself from your own created prison!

Dominate your time.

You have the right to proceed with your life as you wish! 

If you have doubts—show them the middle finger! Smile in the face of your fear!

“But it’s winter; it’s cold outside,” someone will say. At this person, I will directly yell: “Say these words to your doubts: ‘F*ck winter! If Alex Monaco doesn’t need the sun and he knows how to sunbathe in happiness and bliss, why don’t I learn from him? Why don’t I steal myself like he proposes?’”

So, are you going to escape from your daily routine or not?

(I wrote these words few years ago here)

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