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10 essential rules for success in business


Today you will receive 10 rules for success in business, work and…

Just a warning, if you don’t want to change, don’t read these rules (tips). However, if you want to succeed in business and all other activities, then you MUST print and hang these rules near your desk!!! 

Let’s begin? 

successful man with cool glasses shares rules for success

Use these 10 rules for success!

1. Don’t be a fool! Don’t forget to rest while reaching your goal.

Don’t sit at the computer for 10 hours straight! It’s suitable for all types of work.  

I understand, sometimes there is no other way out, and you have to sit at the computer all day, but you have to take at least a minute break every hour. 

And ensure yourself at least 1 hour of top-quality rest every day, including MEDITATION. You understand that it’s necessary. You understand that if you rest every day, you will not burn out. It’s better to give yourself at least 3 hours of quality rest than hustle with almost no rest for 3 years and then lose the desire to work for the next 3 years. Get me right; I’m a hustler. But I know how to rest! Because otherwise, I will topple like dominoes.  

2. Be stubborn but patient, and ALWAYS remember that success takes at least 3 years to come.

Every time I started a new business, it took me at least 3 years to get people to like my services/activity. 

When I started designing websites, it took me 3 years to get serious clients. 

When I started offering SEO services, it took me 3 years. 

When I started writing articles, it took me 3 years.

This website,, has existed for more than one year. Every day I am read by the whole world because I invested not 5 months but many years!!!

So if you built a business and are disappointed because you couldn’t get it up and running in one year, you didn’t try hard enough.

I repeat, it takes three years!!! Peeeeriooood!!! Personally tested—15 times!

This is one of the most important rules for those who want success.

3. Tell everyone about your intentions.

Oh yes, tell everyone about your intentions and don’t be afraid that they will steal your ideas, because there are already many similar ideas. I’m not the only one who wrote an article about 10 rules for success. A lot of people have written similar articles, but I’m still read by readers.

Because it’s not about what you do, it’s about how much quality it has.

Despite the abundance of bread in the store, someone is currently preparing a new brand of bread. You too can make and sell your own bread. Someone will definitely buy it. You can sell water. You can sell perfumes. And there are hundreds of sellers who do what everyone else does, but focus on increasing sales. This means that you must be a good salesperson to be successful and it doesn’t matter what you sell.

But most importantly, if you don’t talk about your intentions and ideas, you won’t get support or investment. Last year I received a huge amount of money. Good people invested in me. Why did they do it? Because I told them about a certain idea. They could do everything themselves without me, but rich people don’t want to do that kind of work, so they look for other people to do it for them. You can be one of those people.

That’s not all.

In 2014, my project “Onbo” won an award at the “Bootcamp” event organized by MIT. It happened because I told the world about my realized idea. Understand that the more often you talk about your ideas, the more evidence will remain on the Internet that they were created in your head and with your hands!!

In 2016, I told people about my idea for a book. That’s how the publishing house “Alma Littera” found me in Lithuania, because I TELLED ABOUT MY BOOK!!!!

So tell about your ideas. Don’t be sluggish. And you will succeed like Alex Monaco!

4. Your success doesn’t depend on the uniqueness of your product or service, but on how much you believe in what you do.

It happened in 2002. Curious people created innovative shoes with holes … And these shoes thrived. They were called “Crocs”! Do you know what crocs are???

Who would have thought that 100 million people would buy weird-looking shoes with holes every year? But someone believed it! Because they believed, we believed too.

I talk about it mainly in the new book “Succeed in Social Networks Without Huge Expenses” (in Lithuanian). This book will be on sale in just a few weeks (after pre-orderers receive it). In it, I write about the importance of believing in your work.

Because this is a super important topic. Oh yes, I repeat, the more you believe in what you do, the more successful you will be.

Believing in your work is the most important success factor. For example, you can have a top quality product, but if you don’t believe in it, people won’t believe it either. After all, you don’t talk about your product WITH A CONFIDENT VOICE.

Understand that if another person wrote the book “Happy Bastards,” it would be unknown, because they are unlikely to believe in this book as strongly as I do. But I do. I have promoted this book for many years and still do. Because I understand that what matters is not what you do, but how you believe in what you do and whether you believe that the world needs your product. Have you ever seen a “Crocs” shoe store?

5. Learn to achieve goals.

Elon Musk is successful not because of what you just thought… But because he knows how to achieve goals.

Oh yes, Elon Musk is a strategist and doer. He shells goals exactly like my father shells walnuts—with two fingers.

And while many understood what I was trying to say, they all misunderstood. Because I mean other things.

To help you understand, I will give you an example:

Imagine Peter wants to earn $100,000. He’s chasing this amount of money. He works, works… And everything seems to be fine, but what will he learn by achieving this goal? When you train yourself to pursue a certain amount of money, you don’t develop the human qualities NECESSARY TO BE SUPER SUCCESSFUL AND RESPECTED. Do you understand? Therefore, it’s important to create such a goal that teaches you various goal-achieving tactics that can help you achieve all other goals efficiently and quickly in the future. After all, we pursue more than 100 different goals in our life??? In other words, I suggest looking at it globally!

Oh yes, remember your wish, your dream. And start pursuing it! But in order to achieve that special dream, be sure to focus on processes that ensure that when you create a new goal, you can achieve it signiiiiiiiificantly faster. Because the current goal is temporary. For example, if you want to have a child, when you achieve this goal, after some time you will want grandchildren. These are different goals. And these goals require different human qualities.

In other words, if you are wondering if the goal you are currently pursuing is reasonable, stop worrying about it! Use this goal as a tool to learn time management, strategic thinking and…

Or maybe I’m wrong?

After all, modern society says that the most important thing is to understand what you want. But what of that desire when you don’t know how to achieve your goal?

You can punch me in the head, but I think the education system is broken. Schools don’t teach you how to achieve goals. But if you don’t know how to achieve them, how can you learn the lesson material? How can you get good grades in school if teachers don’t teach you how to achieve your goals? And everyone understands this, but there is no lesson that teaches you how to achieve goals… No one teaches how the goal-seeking process works… Could someone explain it in at least 9th grade?

Unfortunately, (…).

“But it doesn’t matter, it’s much more important to understand what you want,” teachers will announce… I used to want to find myself… And I found… I wanted to become a famous guitarist. It was my dream. I played, I made music at night, but I was unknown. Because I DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO FULFILL MY DREAMS. So what’s the point of knowing what you want if you don’t know how to achieve it?

But after a while, I began to realize the truth. I became interested not in superficial goals but in the processes by which I can achieve them.

Because knowing how to achieve goals is more important than knowing what exactly you want right now.

Because desires change, and the ability to achieve goals stays with you for life. I’m sure not everyone understood me even now. Oh yes, I was only understood by those who read my article more than 3 times (as I do when I want to squeeze all the benefit out of the information I find in some article)?

6. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day.

Make sure you have more energy. This point is very important, so I gave it a separate attention! Water is directly related to success, both in business and in life and relationships!

7. Take care of your health!

The better your body feels, the more you can do. And the more rested you will feel at work. To maintain good health, you need to take care of your body and food. You should still exercise, at least 15 minutes a day, every day. You don’t have exercise machines and dumbbells—damn them!!! Exercise without them!!! No food from McDonald’s. Unless you can buy one smaaall burger once a month and throw it in the trash after two bites. If you want to feel that taste 🙂

8. Create a work schedule for each day.

Fill work schedules DAILY. Do it even on weekends. Do this even if you go to the store (shopping for the week or a trip).

Do it even if it doesn’t seem like it’s working. Because it gives confidence and peace. When I write down ideas and tasks on a piece of paper, they stay there. It allows me to rest. In the past, when I didn’t write down ideas, I used up a lot of energy trying to remember if I had forgotten something. But now I have no such problem. I just know that I haven’t forgotten anything because… It’s true that I forget sometimes, but that’s a human thing. I’m not a robot, and I don’t need to be, but note-taking is smart.

In addition, it’s good to write down not only the daily work, but also the year-round work. In this case, you will have a clearer picture. Who understands me, supports me!

9. Aim for goals not to achieve happiness, but because you are already happy and grateful.

If you are trying to achieve a goal because you want to be happy, people will notice that you are still not happy, which will make them trust you less, which will reduce your success.

However, if you try to achieve your goal while being happy, that person will feel your happiness and will help you in any way possible.

Do you understand what I mean?

Read more about the secrets of happiness in my most unique article titled “The biggest secret of HAPPINESS.”

10. Stop consuming!

Oh yes, I’m not just talking about alcohol—I’m talking about the content you find online.

Because your success directly depends on what you spend more time “observing” or “creating.” For example, if you are watching a TV series or a movie, then you are wasting your time because you are consuming other people’s work. I’m not even talking about social networks. If you spend more than an hour a day looking at other people’s work, then you have a serious problem. Better to spend that hour building a business, enjoying your hobby, or…

11. Always give people/customers more than they expect!

Reader, remember that at the beginning of the article I promised you only 10 rules for success, but I will give you the 11th in a moment! Because I’m the most generous blogger in the world. And you do likewise. You promised 10 secrets? Give 11!!! Why am I suggesting this?

Understand that if you give more than you promise (not with money, but with emotions and good deeds), your success will begin to bloom like a flower!

But for that to happen, you have to give MUUUUUUCH MORE THAN YOU PROMISED.

For example, if you promised a free webinar, give another one for free at the end. The longer you keep people with you, the more loyal fans they will become.

Of course, I don’t know what you’re doing, reader. Maybe you create products or services, but always deliver more than you promised. I will give you another example. One of my companies is engaged in SEO services. When a client orders a service, I promise that they will see the effects immediately (I give the date). However, the client gets results two or three times faster. This is how I surprise the client.

You can surprise and give more everywhere and always. For example, if you sell socks online, send a postcard with discounts for the second order to those who ordered your product. Or… Come up with your own idea…

See Gary Vaynerchuk’s website, Instagram. He always gives advice. He gives more than his followers can grasp with their hands and minds. Oh yes, he gives A LOT even though he is a millionaire. And you don’t give as much as he does.

But we are not only talking about business. You can behave similarly in relationships. Give more than that person expects.

How do you like the 11th rule?

Be honest, answer!!!

Oh, right, I have one more rule (tip) (because I’m the most generous blogger in the world). Tip no. 12: don’t stress and look at everything with irony (as I already mentioned in rule 9). Otherwise, you can drown in problems and disputes. Let the fools pass.


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