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Why Facebook deleted my account and how I got it back!


Why Facebook deleted my account and how I got it back!

Imagine, one day, Facebook deleted my account. Grant Cardone is to blame for it. But I got it back. Although, it took several weeks to restore the account. I have sent more than ten emails, but I have achieved my goal. But let’s start from the beginning!

Why was my Facebook account deleted?  

I received a letter one time. The author of a letter compared me to Grant Cardone. 

“Who exactly is this Cardone?” I thought and typed Grant Cardone in the Google search… There were photos. First impression: A well-dressed man… When I found an article, I saw the comment, “Van GeOrge: Cardone? He shits with books! He’s already hustled five, goddamn sales guru!”

Someone calls him arrogant + egocentric… Someone calls him the #1 sales guru who only needs money, and I call him the one who can do it all! You see, he somehow managed to get his wife and even children interested in his business! So sometimes he goes on stage with his daughter Sabrina (video), and sometimes with his wife, they host relationship shows

Grant Cardone

In other words, they all work together as a real family. So although he is a materialist, he is also a caring father. Admit it; it’s not easy to start a family whose members support each other and work together? Oh yes, guts alone are not enough here… 

In order to reach its level, you need not only money but also charisma! Oh yeah, this man has gunpowder! He screwed vertically and horizontally on the critics, so you can hear unsweetened speeches from him.

His best thought (TIP #1) is as follows: If Facebook and Instagram aren’t blocking you, then it’s not important to you, and you’re a damn sloth!!! If your grandmother doesn’t complain that you talk too much about your business and activities, you won’t achieve anything!!!”

How are these words to you?

These words charged me!!! So I started working—a lot. 

As a result, Instagram blocked me at least three times in the last year…

And Facebook deleted an account that had 60,000 readers…


To get more readers, I started posting links to my Facebook page. I did it in closed groups and so on. Facebook didn’t like it and disconnected me. I can blame Cardone for motivating me to do whatever I can to enlarge my follower circle, but I won’t. I owe Grant! For sharing inspiration and motivation! Because he charged me when I lacked energy and…

“But what happened with Facebook after that? Has your account been restored?” you will ask.

Yes, it was restored. But it wasn’t easy; I wrote every day. But the answers were negative. After a week of writing, I didn’t know how to behave anymore. My Facebook had 60,000 fans, and I earned them with heavy sweat…

One day I realized what needed to be done. I took a sheet of paper. I wrote a letter by hand. I wrote, “Dear Facebook employees, please note that I’m a motivator; I don’t sell lectures. I give everything away for free. If you don’t return my account, thousands of people won’t receive my motivation.” To make them understand that the same person is writing, I included a photo into the letter by using Photoshop. Everything was done by hand. I drew a smile next to the letter.

After 150 minutes, my profile was back in my hands. 

So Facebook is friendly when you are friendly. 

And the world is friendly with you if you are.

Let’s descuss!

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