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The Formula of Happiness


It was just another night at home watching my favourite TV series when the doorbell rang. I opened the door. The first thing I noticed was a shining luxurious suit. The suit blinded me and after a moment I saw a man who was wearing it. “Would you like to attend a millionaire’s VIP party?” asked the shining stranger. I thought it was a quite surprising offer and said “Sure”!

That evening at the party I talked with a few wealthy people and one of them, who had ginger hair, clung to me and asked for my business card. I didn’t give it to him.

The following day, a loud telephone ring woke me up at 11am. I did not bother answering because it was too early for me. But all my dreams to have a good sleep were killed with the second annoying call. It was him, the ginger man from the party. “Alex, I have found your telephone number on the internet! I have a business proposal for you. Would you like to become the managing director of a new company?” he asked and assured me that the contract in the red envelope is already on the way. “Why did he ask me for this position if I had zero experience to do this” – I thought myself…

(By the way, maybe this story about success sounds too good to be 
truth. But please follow this story till the end, my dear reader, and you will understand everything. Just don’t forget to be attentive, like I had to, be before I made the deal.)

So, before I signed the agreement, I was not sure if it was the right thing to do. There was only one week left till the beginning of the basketball championship, which meant, that if I was to become the managing director, I would have less time to enjoy the game watching it on TV. Luckily, the ginger man said that he will be in charge of everything and I will get 85% of profit. Deal! The work started.

The ginger man built a strong team and worked so hard until his hair became greyish. It made me sad because I couldn’t call him Ginger anymore. However, it became trivial when the business ice was broken and a fat amount of money came to my account. I bought a cabriolet. Funnily enough, all those girls who didn’t pay attention to me before, now would jump straight into my car. When you buy an expensive car, you get a bonus – James Bond’s lifestyle + 48 shades of grey brain + Alex Monaco’s charm + forever lasting happiness!!! Yeaahooo, money solves all problems!!!

With every cell in my body I feel that you, my dear reader, think that this story should go to the fantasy book shelf. But this is how so many people imagine luck: you meet someone/ you get a job because you slept with the boss/ you cheated/ you just have more luck, you………. And that is why so many people are not HAPPY, they believe in this old formula of happiness created by other people, which looks like this:

Success in relationships + success at work + success in other things + success + success = HAPPINESS

The Formula of Happiness nr.1 

Now I would like to give you the real formula of Happiness:

Understanding the happiness and appreciating what you have – this is HAPPINESS

The formula looks really simple but it’s not that easy to understand it: you have to put a lot of effort.

So, are you one step forward than others?

If you said yes, read the following!

Always remember that happiness is not the result of being successful – success is the result of being happy.

Let me explain it. When you feel happy without success (let’s say because of a good weather), it means that in that moment you are really happy. So, in this situation, success acts as a dog, it starts begging you to show him your attention!!! Do you catch the point?

Remember: Success likes people whose eyes are shining!!!


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    Brilliant!!!!! Thanks for all the positive vibes 🙂

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    It is a very interesting formula!

    Thanks a lot 😉

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